You know you’re an entrepreneur WHEN…

You know you’re an entrepreneur WHEN…

– You talk to yourself and do a mock-podcast interview with Oprah while you walk the dog. You know. For “practice.” Just in case her team emails today.

– You get an unexpected “You’ve Got Money” email from PayPal at 7 pm on a Friday night and you become…instantly flushed and aroused. That’s so hot.

– You walk into a restaurant, gym, boutique, or literally any business and immediately start making a mental list of “10 ways I would make this place better if I ran it…”

– You get a genius idea that would take most “normal” people three years to plan and actualize, but…you email your team and say, “Okay so let’s build the webpage today, finalize the video tomorrow, and then we’ll launch it on Monday. Cool? Cool.”

– You watch training videos about email funnels and conversion rates and it feels like an exciting, heart-pounding Netflix thriller.

– You can barely remember what a cubicle looks like. Who dat?

– You sometimes get annoyed that human cloning is not allowed, because with clones you could launch even MORE companies and monetize all your passions, one by one.

– You sometimes get very weary and self-pitying (“Everything is so haaaaard”) but pretty quickly you remember that some people have to go into an office…with fluorescent lighting…every Monday…and work for…a boss. *Shudder* And then you remember how fortunate you are, and that you really have nothing to complain about.

– You feel grateful for every single sale that comes in, whether it’s $10 dollars or $10,000, because you know each one is important, meaningful, and humbling. Because those customers could purchase from anywhere and anyone, but they picked you.

Happy May, ladies.

This month, celebrate a small business owner in your life. Shop local. Make a purchase. Leave a big tip. Write a positive review. Or simply say, “thank you.”

And if that small business owner happens to be YOU…give yourself some extra love, all month long.

You’re working hard. You’re following your passion. And—whether you realize it or not—you’re an inspiration to many people out there. People who wish they had the courage to start a business like you have.

Stay focused and keep rising.

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xoxo, Susan


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