Your Dream is Waiting For You

Clients come to me wanting to achieve goals and dreams of all shapes and sizes. 

And in most instances, they feel they haven’t “cracked the code” to make things happen. 

They’re smart and resourceful women and recognize that about themselves, but there’s just something about this goal/dream/desire they cannot figure out. 

They’ve got vision boards that have turned into a wildly-complicated investigation with multiple twists and turns and red herrings – kind of like one of those cozy mystery novels. 

Achieving their dream? Seems that case has gone cold. 

I’m here to tell you that when it comes to creating what you crave…  well, that mystery I can definitely help you solve. 

Private Detective Susan Hyatt – at your service! 

With just a little bit of mind massaging, we can change and train our brains to look at the case from a fresh perspective, find the “prime suspect” (aka: the low-quality thoughts holding you back), and solve the mystery!

Here are 3 of my favorite formerly “unsolvable mysteries” I’ve heard (and my reply):


You’ll never feel 100% percent “ready” to do big things. That’s a fact. 

The best thing to do is “act as if.” 

Act as if you are serious about your goals.

Act as if miracles are about to happen.

Act as if you are a woman with high standards and firm boundaries.

Act as if you’re ready… because you are. 


Listen, I love me some metaphysical goodness. But if you’re always waiting around for a sign or for the stars to align, you might be waiting forever. 

No one gets to chart the course of your life but you. The cards are in your favor, boo-berry. YOU are the sign. Tap that intuition and let’s do this. 


Change “I don’t know how” into “I will figure out how.” 

How can you make this a reality? 

Ask yourself, “How can I create this?” What resources, knowledge, people, and tools can help make it a reality?

Then go ahead and ask for what you want. Read up on what you’re trying to achieve. Enroll in a program that focuses on saying “yes” to your goals and helping you achieve them. Find a supportive group of people who “get it” and hold you to your big vision. 

If you can crave it, you are meant to create it. 

Your dreams are not an unsolvable mystery. 

Case closed. 

xoxo, Susan


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