Your bitch is back

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your bitch is back. 

And here’s what I know: the world is on fire, and we need joy more than ever. 

Why? Because when a woman reclaims her joy, powerful things happen. That ripple effect changes the world. 

Joy makes you emotionally rich. Joy helps you become stronger so you can show up as your best self and find smart, powerful solutions to the world’s problems. Joy helps you build wealth so that you can create the change you want to see. 

And couldn’t we all use a little more joy right now in our lives? 

Many of us are conditioned to “live to work.” We obsess about it, stay glued to our phones and social media, and slump in our desk chairs without breaks. 

And the work doesn’t end with our career. 

Women often have a second full-time job called the “invisible workload” – all the extra work that women put on their shoulders to make sure things run smoothly and other people are safe, nurtured, and comfortable. This happens at home, at work, and in other spaces. 

Even worse, on average, men have 5 ½ more hours of leisure time per week than their female counterparts. Are we going to stand for this?

To my fellow women – we need to be done settling for crumbs. 


And the more joy you have, the more money and meaningful change you can make. 

Joy provides dopamine that our mind and body desperately need in order to get creative, come up with high-quality solutions to problems, stay motivated, and amplify our voice and our power. 

Joy also gives us a beautiful release of serotonin that helps us feel less anxious, depressed, and hopeless and makes us more mentally and physically strong. When you embrace joy, you become your best and most authentic self. 

Will people call you “selfish” for wanting more joy? Will they whisper negative things behind your back? Sure.

But the brighter you shine, the more you give other people permission to shine. The more you live in your joy, you become a role model for others. Joyous energy is infectious. 

Joy is something I’m proud to pass along to my kids. Motherhood as martyrdom is not something I want to model. Our hopes, dreams, and desires don’t end when we become a mother—as much as society might try to convince us otherwise. 

I’m 49 and cannot wait to turn 50. I’m a wife and mother with huge ideas, big dreams, and limitless desires. I say YES to my own wants. I say YES to joy. 

I’m also lucky enough as a Coach to watch miracles happen every single day. I see clients who come to me feeling stuck, frustrated, and pessimistic and get to witness them step into their joy—making every single one of their dreams come true.  

How about you? 

Will you continue to accept sad crumbs of pleasure?

Or are you ready to devour the whole cake—reclaiming your joy and power?

You decide. 


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xoxo, Susan


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