You Weren’t Meant to Grow Through the Cracks

We’re about to dig into our flower beds here. Bear with me, it’s not as strange as it sounds.

One of my clients, Becca Hopson, recently shared a beautiful and profound insight about our work together. 

Here’s what she had to say:

“I used to think of myself like a dandelion, someone who can work hard, go uphill, work through the cracks. I think the biggest transformation for me in working with Susan is that sense of ‘orchid envy’ that I had. I was finally able to bridge that gap and be a lot more gentle with myself.

My sense of life, the way I prioritize myself, the way I stand up for myself, and the things I feel I deserve have shown up in my business, my family, and my relationships. I no longer need to be a dandelion that grows through the cracks. I get to celebrate my ‘orchid’ sense of self. It’s been tremendous in all parts of my life and my work.”

Dandelions are tough, resilient little things. They push through the concrete, flourish in harsh conditions, and fight the odds to keep going. 

Becca saw herself as a dandelion, working tirelessly, powering through adversity, and growing through the cracks. She believed in her ability to withstand hardship and thrive, no matter what. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But there’s a catch. This ‘dandelion mindset’ often leads us down a path of overwork, exhaustion, and, eventually, burnout. We push ourselves to the brink, working harder and longer, trying to tough it out like the dandelions. 

As women, we are often taught that the only way to succeed is to grit our teeth and grind it out. 

But here’s the truth: we aren’t dandelions, and we shouldn’t have to be.

Enter the orchid. Delicate, vibrant, and unique, orchids symbolize a different kind of strength. They require precise conditions to bloom, a balance of light, water, and temperature. They’re sensitive to their environment, yes, but when treated well, they produce some of the most dazzling and diverse blooms in the world.

When Becca embraced her ‘inner orchid,’ she learned to be more gentle with herself. She allowed herself to recognize her needs, her boundaries, and her value. She stopped pushing herself to bloom through the cracks and cultivated the perfect conditions for her growth. This transformation wasn’t just a mindset shift—it showed up in all aspects of her life. 

Her relationships improved, her business flourished, and she began standing up for herself and her needs. She developed a deeper sense of what she deserved. 

Becca became her own best advocate, not just a flower clawing through the cracks but a dazzling orchid, celebrating her uniqueness and her worth.

So, here’s my challenge to you: Embrace your orchid. 

You deserve conditions that allow you to flourish. You deserve to prioritize yourself, your needs, and your desires. You don’t need to power through and end up in crushing burnout. You can stand up for yourself, create boundaries, and celebrate your ‘orchid’ sense of self.

Your orchid is ready to bloom. All it needs is the right care and conditions to thrive.



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xoxo, Susan


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