You Better Press Send

Recently I visited my son Ryan in Indianapolis. We ate a delicious lunch. I snuggled my grand doggy, Caesar. And we did a little shopping. 

While listening to my son/aspiring fashion guru wax poetic about fashion do’s and don’ts, my eyes snagged onto a familiar logo and sleek piece of machinery. 

I was staring right at the Peloton showroom. 

I gasped and raced inside just as my son was discussing the apparent “offensive nature” of wearing brown belts with black shoes. (This is what happens when you teach your kids to make a scene – LOL!)

Inside the Peloton store, I was immediately greeted by a sales representative who steered me right over to the bike+. I’d already checked out the new model online but didn’t feel it had enough perks to warrant an upgrade. 

After combing over all the new features, the sales rep tried a new approach. He asked for my rider name and pulled up my account, then congratulated me on 700 rides. We launched into a serious conversation about my favorite instructors (Cody and Robin for the win!) 

Right before I said goodbye, the sales rep asked if he could email me about the bike+. I’d already said I wasn’t interested, but after our fun conversation and allegiance to all things Cody Rigsby, I gave him an enthusiastic “yes” to getting his emails. 

As I stepped outside onto the streets of Indianapolis, my phone buzzed with an email from him. I realized immediately that I was being put into a sales funnel… that I would likely get several emails about the benefits of upgrading my bike… and y’all let me tell you…


Not one bit! I love Peloton. My daily workout makes me feel strong and powerful. I left the store with the same feeling. And I couldn’t stop staring at his enthusiastic follow up email. 

By the time I arrived home, I was sold. I ordered my upgraded bike and even got a brilliant idea. My best friend, Frances, had been saving up for a Peloton. If I upgraded my bike, I could gift my old bike to her – which made this whole experience even more magical. 

And to think – it never would have happened if the sales rep hadn’t sent me that email. 

He could have said to himself: “that customer said no. I won’t bother her with a follow-up.” That passive attitude would have cost him a sale. 

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from someone in my community who is too afraid to reach out and send that follow-up email. They don’t want to “bother people.” They feel discouraged after hearing an initial “no.” 

Today, I want you to conjure up the confidence to draft up that follow-up email to someone who was on the fence… and press send.  

That “yes” might be lurking just around the corner.

xoxo, Susan


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