I just finished leading a five-day challenge called Ask For Everything. Over 1600 women participated. I encouraged everyone to courageously ask for all kinds of things. Ask for a raise. Ask your partner for more help around the house. Ask your dream client to hire you. Ask for extra guacamole. Ask for whatever you crave, whatever you want, whatever you need. They might say yes, or no, regardless… JUST ASK!

The challenge ended a few days ago. I need to take a moment to just say… Wow. Whoa. Holy moly. I’m overwhelmed with emotions because LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED.

If you signed up to participate in Ask For Everything, thank you. It was incredible. 

If you missed this, don’t worry. We’ll have plenty of inspiring challenges and webinars and other things happening all throughout next year, as per usual. 🙂

If you want to set yourself up for an amazing New Year, now’s the time to order your GO TIME! Day Planner (a gorgeous planner that will brighten every day of your year), enroll in On the 6 (if you want to bring your new business up to six figures), enroll in the Mastermind (if you want to bring your established business up to seven figures and beyond), or hire me for 1:1 coaching (life, income, business, health, whatever areas of your life you want to upgrade in a major way). 

2019… Here we come! We are marching into this New Year ready to ask, create, announce, sell, earn, write, speak up, ready to shatter glass ceilings, ready to make magic, make memories, make a scene, and make history. 

It’s all happening. It’s go time. 

xoxo, Susan


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