I wish I had a wife.

If you’re a woman, you will seriously relate to this.

Oh hey,

Buckle up, boo. I’ve got a story for you.

Recently I was in the middle of a hectic workday. While trying to record my podcast, I heard a dog barking in my backyard that sounded just like my son’s dog, Caesar. But it couldn’t be – Ryan wasn’t home, and Caesar was in daycare.

I stormed outside to find out what was happening, and there was Caesar, in my backyard, staring up at me with his sweet eyes. Ryan Hyatt was nowhere to be found.

I know, shocking.

I furiously texted Ryan, who let me know that he didn’t send his dog to daycare and dropped him off in my backyard because he had an appointment.

To put it mildly, I was ENRAGED. I asked my son if he would drop his dog off at random at my husband Scott’s office – unannounced! – to which my son sent me back the “shrug” emoji.

But it gets worse.

When Scott arrived home, and I rattled off this story to him, he gave me the human version of the shrug emoji. His solution was to take our dog Mork and Caesar into the backyard so I could record my podcast in peace. Altogether, a terrible idea.

Within seconds, Caesar was scratching at the door. Scott let the pups back inside, and they proceeded to wrestle and snarl. After about a dozen false starts to my podcast, I threw off my headphones and decided to handle the situation myself.

Moments later, I’m holding Mork in headlock so Caesar would calm down and fall asleep.

Meanwhile, Scott Hyatt is in the corner of the room munching on a damn snickers bar.

[[ crime scene photo of Scott eating Snickers ]]

And THAT is the invisible workload – all the extra work that women do to make sure the household runs smoothly – while other members of the family can sit back, totally unbothered, eating a Snickers.

There are two men in my life – and who is the person not working, holding the beagle in a headlock, so that she can get some peace? Me.

This scenario was triggering for many reasons and stirred up a memory from a few years ago.

I was in a different yet similar heated moment at home, and I took to my Facebook page (as one does) and wrote: “I wish I had a wife.”

This post blew up with hundreds of comments from other women who were sick & tired of all the tasks that we need to do because if we don’t – who the hell will?!?

And then I thought: “wait a minute – why do I need a WIFEto do these tasks?”

Why can’t a MALE ASSISTANT take care of all these things? Or, better yet, the men in my life?

This isn’t to say that men never pitch in. Of course, they do. But we can’t deny that the invisible workload exists for women.

How can we reduce it?

I have some ideas you can check out RIGHT HERE.

And, I’d love to know one way you’re planning to reduce your invisible workload this week! Spill it over here in our GO TIME Facebook Group.

Here’s to lightening that load,

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xoxo, Susan


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