Why are you so damn happy?

Short answer:

Because the alternative blows.

Long answer:

The absolute highest good I can demonstrate for my children, is to show them a woman who is curious about life, compassionate with herself and others, empowered by her original medicine, and who celebrates everything from major milestones to glimmers of courage. Because choosing happiness is about the most courageous and kind thing a woman can do. It’s also where most of the fun lives.

Six years ago, I was tired of eating take out while my expensive fridge housed not much more than condiments, squeezing my muffin top into jeans that were too small while sporting a weight watchers points bracelet, and working hard in a career that bugged the shit out of me and drained me daily. I think it’s important to understand the contrast that I lived. The level of exhaustion and worry that I couldn’t seem to help.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • I am committed to my own truth. This means that I will not hide from the light or drown the dark. It’s all important and deserves consideration and love.
  • I refuse to waste my time on things that are not for me or my family’s highest good. Sometimes this is hard. Often, it is isolating. But, I’d rather have my own honest company than crowds of attention based on people pleasing manipulation.
  • I expect miracles. I do not wait for “the other shoe to drop.” (Unless it’s a super cute boot.) You get what you expect.

You need some practical tips? Great! Watch this short video on creating luxury (really anything) in your life without spending a dime.

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xoxo, Susan


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