Who gets your time?

I found a quote floating around the Internet, recently…

“The person who brings you the most peace… should get the most time.”

For me, that person is my husband Scott.

We’re celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year. Scott is my best friend, the father of my kids, and my biggest fan.

One time, he secretly nominated me for a prestigious award and submitted an essay about why I should win. His application got me to the Finalist category.

Another time, while I was on a retreat with some girlfriends in Hawaii, he emailed my friend to find out my hotel room number. Because he wanted to get flowers delivered to my room, as a surprise. 

He is that kind of man.

Out of everyone in the world, he’s the person who brings me the most peace. The most joy.

But does Scott get most of my time? As much as he deserves? As much as I intend to give?

If I’m being really honest with myself, the answer is… not always.

I can count about fifty things that typically get more time than Scott. Emails. Webinars. Coaching sessions with clients. Facebook. Writing. Recording podcasts. Planning marketing campaigns for product launches. Traveling. Leading retreats. Basically, my work. And then whatever time is left over at the end of each day, that’s what Scott gets.

I love my work so much. I love creative projects. I love my clients. And yet… I am ready for a shift in where my time is going. Because the person who brings me the most peace… should get a much bigger piece of my time.

Scott, I love you.

Dear reader, I love you, too.

I hope this message inspires you to think about who brings you the most peace… and how much time that person typically gets from you, and with you.

Emails can always be answered tomorrow. Money can always be earned back. Time is the one thing we can’t ever get back.

Who’s getting most of yours?






PS. Girl time is always important. There’s a certain MAGIC that happens when women get together & that is something that so many of us aren’t making time for in our lives and are MISSING. If you want to connect with like-minded women for a night out with a purpose… join me in Nashville for GALentine’s Dinner! I would LOVE to see you there. 

xoxo, Susan


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