Which one do you want?

Hey heyyy…

Today’s blog is a little different.

I’m going to guide you through a goal-setting exercise.

To play along, keep reading this blog post—or click here to listen to my voice.

Ready? Here we go:

Which of these do you want most?

[   ] More money.

[   ] More opportunities.

[   ] More respect.

(There is no right or wrong answer. You are allowed to want whatever you want.)

Got something in mind? (Maybe you’re thinking, “I want more money!”).

Great. Now, get really specific about that craving.

Describe what you want and why you want it in the most specific language you can. Type it out or write it down like a memo to yourself.

For example, you might write down:

“I want to earn more money this quarter—specifically, an extra $6K—so that I can take my son to Ireland for a 2-week trip this summer. Because I want him to see the village where his grandmother was born. I want us to share that experience together.”

Or you might write down:

“I want more opportunities—specifically, a book deal with a major publisher—because I have a book concept that I know is going to transform millions of lives. I want to lock down this deal within the next 3 months so that my book can be on bookshelves asap.”

Or you might write down:

“I want more respect—specifically, more respect from my employer—for all the sweat + passion that I’ve poured into the company. I want a promotion, a higher salary, and I want to feel like my ideas are being considered and implemented, not ignored.”

After you’ve written down your goal, read it back to yourself. Let it sink in.


Imagine if you took that specific goal—whatever you just wrote down—and you pursued that goal for 6 weeks in a row. And I don’t mean that you “sort of” pursue it. I mean you REALLY pursue it. You make your BEST EFFORT. You nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and you really charge after what you want.

Imagine where you’d be in 6 weeks time. Imagine what you’d be able to unlock.

Imagine how proud you would feel, too, knowing that you really, seriously gave this goal your best + most courageous effort. Imagine that feeling.

Then, stop imagining and…

Let’s create it together. 🙂

This is your official invitation to be part of a new experience called: GO GET IT! 


With this program, you will choose 1 career, business, or income goal that matters to you + you will pursue that goal for 6 weeks in a row—while getting coached, guided, and inspired to the max.

GO GET IT! begins very soon. Get all the details HERE and get yourself signed up.

1 goal. 6 weeks. Your best effort. 

Let’s see what you can unlock.

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PS. Any questions about GO GET IT? Email Ashley@susanhyatt.co for a quick, loving response—or join me on Facebook today. I’ll be answering q’s during a live FB video broadcast at 2pm Pacific / 4pm Central / 5pm Eastern. See you there!

xoxo, Susan


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