When’s The Last Time You Put Yourself Out There?

Whenever a Coach comes to me, wondering why they aren’t landing clients, snagging opportunities, or making more money, I always ask:

What are you doing to put yourself out there?

Usually, the answer is something like: “I made an Instagram reel, and it got a bunch of views, but I didn’t get any clients” or “I send a newsletter, not consistently, but I send it! No one responds and my open rate sucks. Halpppp.”

Real talk: if you’re hopping on Instagram and making a few posts, or occasionally sending a newsletter, or sending two sales emails about your new offer… that is not enough, boo!

You’ve got to stop hiding and put yourself out there.

What does that mean? 

DON’T: put up a shiny new website complete with gorgeous, branded photos and then sit around and wait for people to somehow discover it amongst the billions of other websites out there. 

DO: execute an entire promotional plan to roll out your new website. Think blockbuster movie premiere. Teases, trailers, multiple announcements, ads, social media posts, maybe even a red carpet event. 

DON’T: create a new offer, like a coaching package, and send one meek email about it to your list. “Check out my brand-new, best life coaching package for $997. Six, one-on-one sessions with me to create your best life. Okay, byeeee.” Um, no. 

DO: strategically launch your new offer with ACTIVE marketing, meaning reaching out and personally connecting with potential clients. Too many coaches rely on passive marketing, like funnels or Facebook ads. Those things are fine when coupled with an active connection. Nothing replaces getting on the phone, talking to people, and inviting them to work with you.

DON’T: send out content like newsletters and social media posts for a few months, and then quietly disappear into oblivion when you don’t get the open rate or number of likes you want. 

DO: stay consistent with your content. Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Not every newsletter or social media post will bring a flood of fans. Sometimes your most popular pieces of content, things that get tons of likes and comments, result in zero sales. Sometimes you can send out something that doesn’t get a lot of attention but suddenly lands you a $20,000 client. It’s not the individual pieces of content but the sum of your work that counts. 

If you want to get more paying clients, you can’t park yourself in a corner and wait for clients and opportunities to come to you. Spoiler alert: they won’t. 

I know it’s scary to show up even when you don’t want to. But it’s the ultimate act of bravery to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

If you want to be successful, to be seen and heard, you’ve got to put yourself out there in a bigger, more consistent way. 

Get out there and do it, boo. I’m rooting for you.

xoxo, Susan


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