What’s your project going to be?

At The University for Life Coach Training, in order to earn the credential of Certified Life Coach or Certified Master Life Coach, we have a set of graduation requirements.

One of our requirements is that you have to complete a social justice project.

We encourage our students to:

– Pick a cause that you care strongly about.

– Your cause could be LGBTIA+ rights, pay equality in the workplace, de-stigmatizing mental health issues, ending violence towards Black people, prison reform, justice for people who have suffered from sexual assault, or anything else that calls to your heart.

– Come up with a project you want to do. Any type of project you want.

– For your project, you could organize a panel event, a presentation, a fundraiser, you could write a book, pamphlet, or brochure, or you could do something else. Come up with some way that you can contribute and make an impact.

– And then, go do it. Complete your project.

We can’t wait to watch our students choose their projects and take action.

What’s a project that you will commit to doing…by the end of this year?

Pick something. Sent a timeline. Burn up your excuses. Go do it.

We need to do more than just “post a supportive message on Instagram.” We need to go much further than that.

If you truly want to see a better world, don’t just say it. Create it.

What’s your project going to be?

PS. No matter what you do for a living, no matter how much money you have in your bank account right now, no matter what your situation may be…there is a project you can do. There is always *something* you can do. Pick something and do it.

xoxo, Susan


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