What would yours say?

My friend Frances recently got an Apple watch with a built in fitbit thingee.

This little device gave her a big reality check.

See, Frances laces up her sneakers to go for a run almost every morning. She assumed she was logging around 5 miles each day, maybe even 5.5 or 6. But her Fitbit showed her the truth—she was only doing 4 miles a day. Now, of course, 4 miles is nothing to scoff at! 4 miles is great! But it’s much less than she thought.

“Huh?!” she gaped at her device. “I thought I was doing way more. It definitely feels like way more!”

But sometimes, what we feel doesn’t exactly match reality.

And this got me thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a Fitbit for your business? A little tracker that shows what you’re doing each day to grow your biz. Not what you think you’re doing or what it feels like you’re doing. What you’re actually doing. How many minutes of this. How many hours of that. For many entrepreneurs, this might be a rude awakening.

Maybe you feel like you’re working sooo hard on your business. But if a Bizbit was tracking your daily activities, what would it show?

Would it show that you logged 55 minutes writing a newsletter and sending it out to your list? Or 55 minutes avoiding doing any writing and putzing around with a meaningless task?

Would it show that you reached out to 5 potential clients to pitch your services?

Would it show that you lead a 60-minute webinar to build excitement about your work and share some of your wisdom and you totally rocked it—and you confidently invited viewers to hire you at the end?

Would it show that you took at least 1 very brave step today—applying to speak at a TEDx event, reaching out to a literary agent to pitch your new book idea, raising your hourly rate on your website, or launching a new service or program?


Would it show that you answered a bunch of non-urgent emails, diddled around on Facebook for two hours, avoided taking any kind of creative or emotional risks, lounged around in your yoga pants, and basically did a whole lot of nothing?


I’m not saying this to shame or scold anybody. But it’s definitely an interesting concept to consider.

Imagine you’re wearing a Bizbit on your wrist today, and every day, tracking the actions you take to reach your business goals—or not.

At the end of each workday…

What would yours say?






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xoxo, Susan


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