What Would Beyoncé Do?

Oh, hayyy!!!

When Peloton dropped the news that they were doing another special artist collaboration with Beyoncé, I was literally in need of oxygen and all the B vitamins. I’m obsessed with my Peloton, but I’m even more obsessed with Beyoncé. Why? 

It goes without saying that Beyoncé is a damn force. She’s got a net worth of $440 million, 79 Grammy nominations, and 28 wins. She’s an incredible advocate for the advancement of the black community in America. Her work is important socially, culturally, and critically. I could go on and on. Beyoncé is part of my Board of Directors, and I study her as a role model who is slaying it in ways that bring literal tears to my eyes. 

Just like my beloved Peloton did a Beyoncé-themed week of workouts, I’m devoting this blog post to Queen Bey and the ways in which she’s inspired my work. 

Beyoncé x Make a Scene

Y’all know that Making a Scene is a cornerstone of my work. I stand for making a loud, messy scene. Standing up, speaking out, not cowering or feeling too afraid of saying the wrong thing. If you see something you DO NOT like—something happening out in the world, on your block, in your home, or in your own life—take brave, unapologetic action to correct it.

Beyoncé heavily inspired my Make a Scene message by being a bold, brave advocate for many important causes. She engages in important conversations about gender, race, and politics. She speaks for the generation and understands the damn assignment. 

Beyoncé x Unstoppable

My mission is to help women become unstoppable by helping them get more of what they want. Beyoncé is one of the best role models for unstoppable energy. She just turned 40 years old and shows no signs of slowing down—getting ready to release her next highly-anticipated album. In a recent magazine interview, Beyoncé shared that she’s been in the studio for a year and a half, refining details on her album that other artists might overlook. Her level of excellence is always worth the wait. 

Beyoncé x Respect

Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned from Beyoncé is her ability to demand respect. I’ve incorporated this in a very profound way by creating my Beyoncé refund policy. What does that mean? 

When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out. Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no.

Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just because you decided not to show up, or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice. This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.

Bottom line: Beyoncé is one of the biggest superstars on the planet. She shows up, speaks out, makes a loud scene, asks for what she wants, and demands respect.

The next time you’re seeking fresh inspiration for your work–look to Beyoncé. 
As she says: “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”

xoxo, Susan


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