What The Hell Should I Eat?


There’s always a lot of discussion about “WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I EAT?!” when clients want to become more healthy and fuel their glorious god pods.

Listen to me, my fabulous readers: do not make this SO hard and further your struggle.

Many of us (my former self included) would make eating well a fucking PROJECT from hell. It usually involved buying some kind of kitchen gadget and hours of prep. Guess what always happened? I cooked once and gave up.

Taking amazing care of yourself can be easy. Let it be easy and simple.

Remember the wise old advice that you want to grocery shop at farmer’s markets while you can, as direct from the source as possible (I found some terrific local farmers and buy our meat and veggies from them when possible), and if you are at the regular grocery store, be sure to stick to the perimeter of the store–inner aisles are full of processed junk.

I saw this infographic online yesterday and thought I needed to share it.

clean eating infographic

It simply illustrates clean eating. No need for complicated recipes (though I love to collect good recipes). You can easily pair a meat with veggies and call it day. Clean eating win!

steak and asparagis

This is what we ate last night: steak and asparagus. The kids had burgers and cornbread (I am from the South, yo!) Easy peasy.

xoxo, Susan


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