What is your environment telling you?

Happy Wednesday Y’all!

When you look around your environment, what do you see and how do you feel?

Are you getting a message of EMPOWERMENT? Or maybe it feels more heavy?

Everything in your environment is sending a message to you. Sometimes it’s a subtle message—and sometimes it’s a really obvious message. It might be a really positive, empowering message—or it might be a negative, harmful message.

Today I’m bringing it back to the FIRST episode of the BARE Podcast to talk about your ENVIRONMENT.

This is an area that I’ve always got work to do in, so let’s dig in.

Catch the episode right here! 

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Today, pick something small to work on in your environment, for starters.

And then, find a way to upgrade that part of your environment and make it feel better, calmer, happier, or more beautiful. Your environment is always sending you a message, so find a way to switch from a negative message to a positive one.


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Your smile in infections. Your praise makes people blush.
Your laughter fills the room. Your neck rubs are beyond compare.

Your kisses are so soft. Your hips are so swing-alicious. Your eyes sparkle. Your heart is so big.

At your current size, and at any size, you are so goddamn lovable

Everyone can see it.

Hopefully, one day, you will too.
Whether you realize it or not…

Your True Beauty is always shining through.


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xoxo, Susan


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