What if I told you …

What if I told you about an industry that openly and unapologetically abuses women … and girls?
An industry that …
: Provides dangerous misinformation.
: Damages women’s physical, mental and emotional health.
: Actively encourages women to starve, punish and repress themselves.
: Increases your risk for nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, and even obesity.
: Is a central part of the reason that your teenage daughter hates her body — as 78% of teen girls do.
And …
: Makes a lot of people — mostly white male CEOs — very rich, doing it. To the tune of $60 billion a year.
If I told you about that industry, you’d probably say, “This is insanity. This is violence against women. I won’t stand for it. We’ve got to bring them down!”

Well, that industry is … the diet industry.
Still feeling angry? Good. Me, too.

I don’t tolerate violence against women — whether it’s coming from men, from fellow women, from a business, or an entire industry.
And I know you don’t, either.
That’s why I hope you’ll join me for a powerful webinar on the dangers of dieting, the real causes of overeating, and the path to safe, sane and sustainable weight loss … on Thursday, July 24th.
This free webinar is brought to you by The Weight School — an online school that I co-founded with my brilliant friend, Brooke Castillo. (The woman who was largely responsible for my 35-pound weight loss several years ago, and the bestselling author of If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight?)
Thursday, July 24th. 10am Pacific. This webinar is 100% free, but space is limited.
RSVP here: http://theweightschool.com/
Brooke and I are excited to blow your mind, rock your socks, and show you an entirely new approach to permanent weight loss — without dieting. 

Let’s stop the violence, and stop the madness.
So that we can create the lives — and bodies — that we truly deserve.

PS. Over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the free Weight School webinar that I just mentioned, I’m going to be sharing a series of stories on weight-loss + self-esteem. But not in the way you might … think. Stay tuned, sister. More to come…

xoxo, Susan


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