What does it take?

What does it take to make serious money? By “serious money,” I’m talking about $100K per year… $1 million per year… or more.

Primarily, it takes three things:

  3. LOVE

You need the COURAGE to take emotional risks. You need enough courage to invite your dream clients to hire you (even though they might say “no”). Courage to email a TV producer (even though they might never respond). Courage to submit your book proposal to thirty different people (even though twenty-nine might say “pass”). Courage to make a deposit on a venue for your event (before it’s sold out… trusting that it will).

You need an excellent action plan (online content, marketing, sales, audience growth, behind-the-scenes systems for emails, payments, customer support) and you need to rock out your plan with CONSISTENCY. If you promise a weekly newsletter, you deliver. If you promise snail-mail arriving by Thursday, you deliver. If you promise a 5-star retreat experience, you deliver. No broken promises. No “sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while!” No flaking. No hiding.

And lastly, you need to genuinely LOVE what you’re doing. Love your work. Love your clients. Love your message. You need to shine with excitement when you describe your business and the beautiful projects you’ve got on your plate. “Thank God it’s Monday… I can’t wait to get back to work!” 

Most of the business owners that I’ve met, they’ve got plenty of love. Their love cup is overflowing. But their courage cup could use a refill—and their consistency cup could use a refill, too. As a coach, that’s where I can help.

If you want to make $100K per year, I have a program for you and you can apply here.

If you’re already making $100K per year and you want to grow to $1 million per year, I have a program for you, too, and you can apply here.

I’m guessing you’ve already got the love. Plenty of it. Now let’s build the courage and consistency to go along with it.

One year from now, when you’re totaling up your earnings for 2019, you’ll be astounded by how far you’ve come.




xoxo, Susan


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