What do you want to do… so much that it makes you cry?


“Can I tell you about the retreat that I am thinking about running next year?”

“Sure!” I replied.

My client began to describe the details.

Not just the city, venue, dates, ticket pricing, and logistical details about her retreat, but the story leading up to this point.

The people she’d met. The challenges they had described to her. Her clients. Their dreams. Their struggles. The reasons why this particular retreat needed to happen, and soon. How she knew it would help people to lead a more fulfilled, creative life…

Somewhere in the middle of her description, my client began to cry.

Not “sad” tears. Not “happy” tears. More like… the kind of tears that come forth when you are overwhelmed with emotion, filled with more passion and intensity than you can contain inside your body, and it needs to flow out of you somehow.“

I just… really know… that this retreat will help people so much and I need to do it,” she finished, sniffling back a few final tears.

All I could say was “YASSSSSSSS. Yes you should. You must.”

Because my client had a vision that was so vivid and beautiful—a vision of serving and helping other people—that it made her cry. That’s a pretty clear signal from God/the Universe that this idea is a “GO.”

What do you want to do… so much that it makes you cry?5b5a2acc337842356d78f6040abe764c

Do you want to help people to find their life purpose? Help people to lose weight? Help people to build happier relationships or a stronger business? Do you love to teach, inspire, mentor, or coach? Do you love to feed and nourish people, care for children, guide young entrepreneurs, help women and girls to find their voice, see their beauty and gifts, and stand up for themselves… so much that it makes you cry?

What “project” or “cause” or “career” is calling to you, so powerfully, that it pulls tears right out of your body?

If you know the answer, you must do it. Surround yourself with encouraging people, cheerleaders, mentor, believers, people who push you forward. Be pulled and guided. Do it.

If you do not know the answer, you can find it. You still have time. It’s not too late. Exact same advice applies: Surround yourself with encouraging people, cheerleaders, mentor, believers, people who push you forward and help you discover new things about yourself that you never noticed before. Be pulled and guided. Let your eyes and heart be opened. You will find your way forward. I promise you: keep listening to your gut/heart, keep tuning into your body, keep watching for those tears to flow, and in time, you will find your can’t-stop-the-tears project, cause, or calling.

I believe this so deeply that now… I am crying.

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xoxo, Susan


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