What Boxing Taught Me

My Emily is not a fan pf physical exercise. She’d rather do ANYTHING than exercise. But, she intellectually understands that her body needs to move, so we tried to find something fun for her to do that’s not your typical workout. Everything I suggested was a NO. Hiking? Nah. Zumba? Eye roll. Indoor rock climbing? No.

One day, she announced that she would take up boxing like her big brother. What the what? I signed her up quickly before she could trash the idea.

What I quickly came to realize, is that Emily thought on Day 1 she would slip on Ryan’s hand-me-down boxing glove and start smacking things around. She wanted to show up and do “Muhammad Ali.” What she quickly came to realize, is that it doesn’t work that way. She had to do all the pre-work to build up to it. Our (supremely patient) trainer explained that she had to first get centered, understand her body, and build some muscle. Her little wrists couldn’t even hold up the gloves!

And I thought–I notice this happening in business. A lot. Budding entrepreneurs sometimes expect to enjoy the fruits of a seasoned practice when they have seeds to plant first. They wanna be Muhammad Ali and they’ve never stepped foot in a gym.

There’s so much goodness in the build. Amazing truths in the quest. Unforeseen answers in the learning. Don’t rush that. Start where you are and let yourself explore and learn what you need.

THIS is why I love my Clear Coaches program so much. It allows entrepreneurs the community and space to be on an adventure of a lifetime.

xoxo, Susan


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