What are you hiding?

I have a colleague who’s obsessed with bulletin boards, checklists, and charts. 

Every month, she sets a new financial goal and makes a “money chart” to track her progress.

She puts her money chart on the wall in her home-office. That way, she sees it every day. Every time she gets a sale, she colors in the chart a little more. 

For a long time, whenever somebody was coming over to her house*—her house cleaner, a plumber, a friend, her boyfriend, whoever—she would rush over and pull the money  chart off the wall.

She didn’t want other people to see her financial goals. 

She would remove the chart before anybody entered her house. 

She would take it down and literally hide the money chart inside the closet. 

She would think things like:

“If they see how much money I am trying to make, or have made, they won’t like me.”

“They’ll think I am rude, or showing off. They’ll think I’m a rich asshole.”

“They’ll feel bad about their own income compared to mine. I don’t want them to feel badly.” 

So, she would hide the chart.

Well, something shifted for her.

She stopped hiding the chart.

She decided, “I want to feel proud of my goals, proud of my work, proud of my income. I’m leaving the chart up on the wall. I am ambitious and I don’t need to be ashamed of that fact! When I succeed, I lift up others with me!”

The chart stayed on the wall, 24/7. No more stuffing it hastily into the closet. 

It is no coincidence that after making this decision, she has been able to double her income, pay off $16,000 in debt, and hire her first full time employee.

This is what happens when you start celebrating your ambition…instead of hiding or apologizing for it.


My colleague used to hide her money chart. 

What are you hiding?

Are you hiding the fact that…You want to become a millionaire? You want to become a bestselling author? You want to work 20 hours per week instead of 40? Or some other audacious goal?

Are you hiding your ambition because you’re worried that your bigness might cause others to feel small?

Consider that maybe the opposite could be true. 

Maybe your bigness will inspire others to play big.

Maybe your shine will light up the whole neighborhood.

Maybe your chart will motivate others to set major goals, too.

Maybe coming out of hiding will be…the best choice you ever make. For you. And for everyone around you. 


*Obviously this story begins in a pre-Covid-19 world, back when people would routinely visit other people’s homes!

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xoxo, Susan


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