We only get one life

If you’ve been around for a while or follow me on social media, you probably know that I’m the creator of the BARE process and author of the bestselling book of the same name.

BARE has a simple message with a profound result: You only get one life and one body. Make it count.

We Only Get One Life

I created BARE because I’m sick & tired of the $60 billion dollar diet industry distracting women from owning their full power & potential.

Diet culture traps girls and women in a vortex of suffering. It keeps us in a cycle of deprivation, bingeing, spiraling, and starving.

Women come to me all the time, fearful of appearing on camera, speaking in front of crowds, or even posing for a family photo… because they intensely dislike their bodies.

Sadly, studies show that 97% of women feel the same.

This used to be my story, too – dodging cameras and avoiding big career moves because I felt ashamed to be seen.

The solution is not to lash out at your body.

It’s to forgive yourself, show up, and become a role model for other women and girls to do the same.

That’s how we smash the patriarchy.

That’s how we take back our power.

That’s how we free ourselves from the “cult” of diet culture.

After a recent book club reading of BARE, I kept receiving beautiful messages from women who worked through the book, hired BARE Certified Coaches, or became a BARE Certified Coach themselves.

I want to share so many wonderful messages, but today I’m spotlighting one woman’s feedback that brought me to tears. (I’ve asked her if I could share anonymously, and she generously agreed.)

“I remember it like it was yesterday. Walking by my 7-year-old’s bedroom and watching her pinch her stomach in the mirror. She was so little. My baby. And I felt the undeniable pangs of total guilt that she had learned that from watching me.

I’d spent so much time and energy focused on trying to lose weight and how my clothes fit. I was obsessed with how I looked and how I thought I ought to look. And I had some awareness that this came from negative aspects of our culture. But until that moment, I hadn’t realized the impact that I was having in my home.

That’s how I ended up searching for help to end this obsession, and how I ended up working with a BARE Certified Coach. My Coach helped me end all the drama I was experiencing with my body. She helped me set new goals, which actually helped me feel better that weren’t about being smaller. And most importantly, she helped me to set a better example for my daughter.

It’s been a few years since I caught her pinching her stomach. I’m still working on resetting some of the things I had already instilled in her, but I’m honest with her and myself about all of it. My BARE Coach also helped me with this. I’m on a totally different journey now, and I’m taking my daughter with me. So hopefully, she won’t find herself in this same situation with her child someday. And that is everything.”

As you can see, BARE isn’t just a program—it’s a powerful movement.

I want women and girls to stop dieting, depriving, restricting, punishing, and bullying themselves, and instead—start treating their body like a friend.

If part of your calling is helping women and girls to make peace with food and their bodies, once and for all, consider becoming a BARE Certified Coach.

This work will help you unlearn everything society has taught you about shrinking yourself and your power.

It will help you become a role model for future generations.

So much has been lost, for centuries upon centuries, because women have been ashamed to be seen.

Girls are watching us closely, searching for great models.

It’s time to step up and let the world know you are no longer hiding.

You are brave. You are taking up more space & power.

You are unstoppable.

xoxo, Susan


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