We flew through a rainbow.


We flew through a rainbow.

Yes. A mother-fucking rainbow.

I was riding in a helicopter—taking a tour around the island of Maui with a group of women from my LadyBoss coaching program—and the chopper literally whirled through beams of multi-colored light. We soared past waterfalls, pristine beaches, and cliff tops.

I’m not a very woo-woo person, but I felt awestruck. As we passed through (yet another!) rainbow, I whispered a quiet prayer to Maui. I asked the island, “What do you want me to know? What am I here to learn?”

The island whispered back, “Flow, expand and rise.”12976819_10106984631688969_7004150327192271948_o

When a 2 million year old volcanic island tells you to “Rise,” you better listen.

I returned home from Maui feeling like a renewed woman—stronger, braver, even more committed to my projects and excited to rock out the rest of 2016 on ALL cylinders.

And THAT is why I am officially addicted to traveling.

Every single time that I get on a plane and head somewhere new, it alters my life.

After years of procrastinating, I (finally) took my first international trip about 3 years ago (then another, then another) and since then, my income has risen by about 50%. This is not a coincidence, people. It’s because I meet new people, get intensely inspired, and get my best business ideas while I’m traveling. #TravelMagic

Do you have an amazing trip, retreat or workshop planned for yourself sometime this year? If so, yaaaaas queen! I’m so happy that you’re giving that gift to yourself—it’s a gift that will bring so many riches back into your life (above and beyond a nice tan!)

If you don’t have anything on the calendar, well, let’s fix that.

Here’s a peek at four events that I’m hosting this year in all kinds of amazing destinations…

Girlfriends Gone Wild – Los Angeles – April 27, 2016 – 6:30-9:30pm

A fabulous cocktail reception and dinner party swirled with life coaching to help you map out your most important goals for the rest of 2016. Come for the entrees. Leave with epiphanies.


BARE – NYC – July 15-17, 2016

An unforgettable weekend that’s all about celebrating your body—at any size—complete with hair, makeup, personal styling, a photo shoot, cooking lessons, and coaching to help you create a more loving, nurturing relationship with your body.


Life is Delicious Retreat – The Amalfi Coast, Positano, Italy – May 21-28, 2016

Wine. Cheese. Pasta. Sailboat tours to secret beaches. Amazing women. Coaching and conversations about your life, career, relationships, and the legacy you want to leave on the world. (I speak from experience: Italy will change you.)


The Dream Boat Cruise – NYC to London – Oct 25-Nov 3, 2016

Board a luxury cruise ship and sail across the Atlantic Ocean—while learning how to plan and sell out a workshop, retreat, or conference. (If you’ve ever thought, “I want to produce amazing retreats like Susan Hyatt! But how??” this experience is for you.) You get public speaking lessons, personalized coaching, and it all culminates with a guided tour of Downton Abbey filming locations. OMFG.


Maybe I’ll see you in LA, NYC, Italy, or meandering through Lady Grantham’s parlor?!

(If I don’t drop dead from excitement first.)

Whether it’s with me, or with friends, or on your own, I truly urge you to make travel a priority. See the world. Experience everything. Life is so very short. Don’t wait until you are “retired” to experience other cultures and countries. Make it happen now.

See you on the other side of the rainbow…

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xoxo, Susan


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