Want to become a BARE coach?

Hey! Today is the very first day that I am conducting interviews for interested coaches who want to join the BARE coach certification program if you want to be part of the 2018 program.

Do you want to become BARE coach? Considering this program? Not sure if it’s right for you? Let’s discuss.

This would be an excellent credential to add to your professional toolkit if…

– You already work as a coach, counselor, educator, fitness trainer, yoga teacher, or some other profession in the physical, mental and/or emotional health industry.

– You specialize in working with women and girls—running programs, classes, seminars, workshops, retreats, doing speaking engagements, working at a school, or doing 1-on-1 sessions—or that’s something you want to do in the future.

– You want to help women stop dieting, stop starving, stop binge-eating, stop all the food-drama, release perfectionism and self-criticism, and learn how to treat their bodies with love and respect.

– You are empathetic, compassionate, and you have a knack for helping people believe in themselves and transform. You’d like to find a way to use these gifts to make money. (Or make more money than you currently do!)

– You believe, as I do, that women have so much untapped potential. Inside every woman is a Queen, a Senator, a President, a CEO, a Community Leader, an Investor, a Powerhouse waiting to be unleashed. Tragically, many women struggle to achieve their goals because they’re grappling with body image, food, weight, and self esteem issues. You want to help women dial up their confidence, feel amazing, and take on the world.


The BARE coach certification program includes 30 hours of in-person training, 20 hours of online training, 20 hours of practice coaching with real clients, and then a final assessment. Most people complete the program and get certified within 3 months.


Upon graduation, you’ll receive your official BARE coach diploma (framed and shipped to you) plus a marketing packet with logos and promo language so you can spread the word about the new credential you’ve earned.

You will also get an invitation to join my BARE DAILY program as a featured coach, where I’ll pay you to work with BARE DAILY members. (That is correct—I want to train you, certify you, and then hire you and pay you!)


Email support@susanhyatt.co and ask anything on your mind.


If you want to join the BARE coach certification program, please fill out this brief application to get the process started. I am so excited to meet you!

I want to have at least one certified BARE coach in every city in the world. That’s my big, wild, over-the-top dream.

Every year, we’re getting closer—and you can be part of this empowerment revolution.

Let’s change women’s bodies and lives.

To the future…

xoxo, Susan


A Never-Before-Seen, 6-Month Mastermind with Susan Hyatt 

Go BEYOND what you thought was possible in your life & business. Reach BEYOND what you believe your goals “should be” by thinking bigger & bolder. Stretch BEYOND what you’re here to do, let pleasure lead the way, and live your life in complete fucking delight!

Our mission is to help you feel confident, powerful, and mentally and physically strong so you can help others do the same.

If you want to shatter glass ceilings and make history, the BARE Coach Certification was custom-made for you.

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