Want 1:1 coaching with me? Here’s your chance!

Hayyyy People!

In 2016, I temporarily “retired” my 1-on-1 coaching services because I needed to:

1) Finish writing my book

2) Woo a hotshot literary agent

3) Help my son Ryan transition into a new school and (Lord willing) graduate on time.

Well now it’s 2017 and:

1) The book is finished

2) I got an agent and…

3) Ryan graduates in 6 days. Hallelujah and praise baby Jesus!

So now I’ve got space on my calendar for a handful of 1-on-1 clients. Hooray!

Here’s how it works:

— We work together for 6 months in a row.

— You get coaching session phone calls with me, emails, surprise gifts in the mail, tickets to workshops and dinner parties, and your goals achieved.

— We can work on anything you want. Your business. Your income. Your body. Your life. Your legacy. Maybe you’d like to…

  • Roll out some new products and services.
  • Have way more fun and make way more money.
  • Learn how to take exceptionally good care of your body.
  • Create a transition plan to get you into the next phase of your career.
  • Figure out your legacy work (the real, deep, big work you’re meant to be doing) and how to make it happen.

“It’s hard to describe the miracles that occurred from my coaching sessions with Susan! The positive impact she made on my life can’t be measured in monetary value. I consider it priceless.”
—Mary Ellen Telesha / www.PureLightCoaching.com

“If you want to take your goals through a quantum leap, work with Susan! Through my work with her, my business went from a germ of an idea in October to a fully launched product by March!”
—Kirsten Marion / www.TheEnergeticsofWealth.com

“After interviewing 10 different mentors, Susan stood out like a bright light, bursting with energy, enthusiasm, experience and love. Working with her, I felt so supported and never alone.”
—Jana Schuberth / www.JanaSchuberth.com

I have room for 3 clients starting in July. If you’re interested, please email support@susanhyatt.co for more details on pricing, deposits, and all that good stuff. When you email, please mention what your top 1-3 goals are right now. Thank you!

Let’s get in FORMATION and make 24K MAGIC and rock out the second half this year. Yesssss!

xoxo, Susan


A Never-Before-Seen, 6-Month Mastermind with Susan Hyatt 

Go BEYOND what you thought was possible in your life & business. Reach BEYOND what you believe your goals “should be” by thinking bigger & bolder. Stretch BEYOND what you’re here to do, let pleasure lead the way, and live your life in complete fucking delight!

Our mission is to help you feel confident, powerful, and mentally and physically strong so you can help others do the same.

If you want to shatter glass ceilings and make history, the BARE Coach Certification was custom-made for you.

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