Walk Away

Oh hayyy, 

Years ago, I walked away from a lucrative career in residential real estate. 

People were floored by my decision. They thought I’d made a grave mistake, and that I would circle back as soon as that “life coaching stuff” failed. 

When it came to my real estate career, I just knew it was time to give up and walk away. 

During those years, I would come home and vent to my husband, my friends, and anyone who would listen — usually over several glasses of wine and a wheel of brie.

I was good at real estate, but being “good” at something doesn’t mean you have to do it forever. 

Deep down, I knew I wasn’t happy. 

Deep down, I knew that being “good” at something wasn’t “good enough” for me.  

Maybe you feel that way, too. 

If your life doesn’t light you up — that’s unacceptable. 

If your career no longer fulfills you, it might be time to walk away and make a change. 

If your relationship is no longer serving you and you’ve already explored ways to correct it, maybe it’s time to move on. 

If you’re living in a town that feels stale and bland, perhaps it’s time to move somewhere fresh and inspiring.  

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Determine the areas in your life that aren’t “good enough” for you. 
  2. Ask yourself: “What do I crave in this area of my life?” 
  3. Take meaningful action to create what you crave.

Five years from now, I want you to look back and think: “I’m so glad I didn’t settle when I knew that wasn’t good enough for me.” 

Go ahead, boo – create what you crave. 

xoxo, Susan


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