Got boundary issues?

Oh hey,

Have you heard of Naomi Osaka? 

If you haven’t, Naomi is the number two ranked tennis player in the world. Basically, a superstar. 

During the French Open, Naomi’s anxiety was at an all-time high, particularly around the tournament’s press junkets – where reporters have a history of asking women tennis players unnerving questions. 

Naomi decided not to participate in the press junket after a match early in the competition… and the tournament fined her $15,000 in response. 

So what did Naomi do? She upgraded her boundaries. 

She decided to refrain from participating in post-match press conferences for mental health reasons – a move that French Tennis Association President called “a phenomenal mistake.” Please cue all the eye rolls for this dude. 

Instead of caving to the pressure of fines and harsh words from tournament leaders, Naomi upgraded her boundary again – and quit the tournament altogether. 

And not only that, she used this opportunity to raise awareness for mental health issues. She posted a candid Instagram caption explaining her decision and expressing her desire to work with the tournament to make things better for the players, press, and fans.

Naomi Osaka is a freaking boundary badass. 

Boundary issues can show up in your life in big ways (like Naomi) or small ways.

For Naomi, her boundary was to stop doing on-tour press conferences, and later quit the tournament, because it was destroying her mental health. 

For you, it might be to upgrade your boundaries around family or friendships. 

Maybe you need to upgrade boundaries around work and be less “available” to people. 

Perhaps you need to upgrade your energetic boundaries to create more time for relaxation and pleasure. 

Many situations in life need boundaries at varying levels. 

Whether you’re a pro tennis player, a master life coach, a wife, a mom, a daughter, or anything else – upgrading your boundaries is one of the best things you can do for your life. 

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xoxo, Susan


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