Your past.

I’m in the middle of some big, scary, and exciting decisions. Decisions that will determine the future of my company and our game-plan for the next two to three years.

I have moments when I feel proud and strong. I remind myself, “I am blessed to be in this position. Blessed to have choices. I am free. Not trapped.”

I also have moments when I feel overwhelmed with responsibility and fantasize about escaping to a no-Wifi cottage in the woods so that nobody can track me down. Bye.

When my thoughts turn grim and dark, I remind myself, “Look at your past. Look at your history. Look at your track record.”

My track record is one of growth and thriving. My track record is one of resilience. My track record shows a woman who consistently lands on her feet, no matter what, and whose company has grown in revenue every single year for the last 11 years. My track record is strong as hell.

In shaky moments, I tell myself, “Remember who are you. You are a survivor and thriver. You’ve done it before and you will do it again.”

I want you to do this, too.

Study your past.

Look at the evidence.

What’s your track record?

Maybe your track record is not one of financial abundance (yet) but I bet you have an equally impressive track record—in a different way.

Maybe your track record shows a woman who always finds a way to prioritize self-care and put mental health, first.

Maybe your track record shows a woman who is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

Or, a woman who invests in her relationships and cultivates a strong support network. A woman who figures it out, one way or another. A woman who hasn’t given up yet and certainly won’t quit now. A woman who knows the importance of pleasure and joy and who finds a reason to laugh just about every single day.

Take comfort and strength in your track record.

Fact is, you’ve come this far and you have an impressive history behind you.

Let this strengthen your confidence as you move towards what’s next.

You can do it.

Because you’ve already done it.

You will be successful.

Because you already are.

xoxo, Susan


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