The tough questions.

Imagine that you’re standing in front of a panel of judges. 

(Picture a reality show like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den.)

These judges are successful entrepreneurs. Self-made millionaires. Several of these judges would love to invest in your coaching business and give you $100,000 to grow your business. 

You can use this cash to pay yourself a salary, pay off debt, hire employees, build a new website, launch a product, hire legal help, or anything else. 

But FIRST, you need to convince these judges that investing in you is a smart move. 

They’re gonna grill you and ask you some tough questions. And they expect you to be prepared to answer.

Do you have clear, concise answers for each of the following questions?

1. What is the specific problem you solve for your clients?

2. How do you solve it?

3. Do you have proof that your methods work? Do your clients get excellent results? Do you have rave reviews? Case studies? Follow-up surveys? Show the evidence.

4. Why should someone hire you, not somebody else? What makes you different?

5. How much money are you making right now?

6. How much money would you like to be making?

7. Why aren’t you making that much yet? What’s been stopping you? What’s the issue? Be honest. 

8. I want to invest in someone who’s ALL IN and who has an unstoppable mindset. Someone who’s willing to do courageous things to make this business a huge success. Tell me 5 courageous steps you’ve taken in the last month. 

9. Walk me through a typical workday. Do you have consistent office-hours? Do you reach out to at least 3 new potential clients every day? How are you spending your time?

10. Tell your exact plan to reach your financial goal in the next year. Walk me through how you’re gonna do it. 

11. What do you anticipate your biggest obstacle is going to be, and how will you plan ahead to handle this?

12. Convince me, in just a few words, why the world needs YOUR specific type of business right now. Why this? Why now? Why you?

If you can answer those questions succinctly and with confidence, then you are totally on the path to success. You’re gonna win. It’s not a matter of IF. Just WHEN. 

If you struggle to answer those questions (shaky, unsure, not confident, rambling, unclear, breaking out into nervous hives) then it’s time to get some help. 

Work with me and my team. 

We will whip your mindset and business plan into shape—and we’ll help you create a strategy that is crisp, tight, totally dialed in. 

Let’s make your success not just “possible”…but inevitable.


PS. Which of those questions was the easiest for you to answer? And which was the hardest? 

PPS. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of GO TIME TV!

xoxo, Susan


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