Top 10 Tips For Permanent Weight Loss Class

Brooke and I hosted a free one-hour call last night. You can grab a copy of the free MP3 here. With over 350 registered, it was a fun time. We always love sharing how to end the crazy diet struggle. Lots of great questions and insights.

You’ll want to download the call and listen, but here are some nuggets:

Brooke’s Top 5 Tips…

1. Awareness. Start noticing and becoming aware in a compassionate way, what you are eating and question why you are eating it.  Are you hungry? Are you bored? Are you avoiding something? Notice how you feel and what you think.

2. Inhabiting your body. NOW! Connect with your physical body and really be IN your body. Has rejecting your body and trying to climb out of it, as it is now, been working for you?

3. Disconnect feelings from body size. Self-esteem and body esteem are two completely different things.

4. Kindness. Stop aiming disgust at yourself. End the mean girl stuff. No more pulling or poking at your body.

5. Walking. If nothing else, walk your body for 10 minutes, with no iphone, no distractions, just you and your body. Connect.

Susan’s Top 5 Tips…

6. Excuses are clues, breadcrumbs, markers for us. They point to our freedom. When you find yourself petting your precious excuses and holding them dear, write them down and notice that you are being called to do its opposite.

7. Call a Peace Treaty with your body. Sign it. Live it. Lose it. Download one here, and get starting writing yours.

8. Self Care is an Attitude, not an activity. You can be cranky getting a pedicure, and happy at the DMV. It’s not the action that is self care, as much as it is the energy about it. *Something I learned from my brilliant coaching colleague, Bridgette Boudreau.

9. Get creative with exercise.  The Anti-Leotard Exercise Campaign was something I created to help myself get over my fear and loathing. I picked out interesting ways to move my body, and have never looked back.

10. Texts From Your Body.  If your body were to send you a text message right now, what would it say?

We are sharing this x 100 at our live event in Nashville. Join us! www.theweightschool.com.

xoxo, Susan


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