(Time Hack and Recipe) I don’t have time to eat healthy is a bullshit excuse.


When I was struggling with body and food issues 9 years ago, one of the biggest excuses I used to tell myself and others, was that I didn’t “have time” to eat healthy. “The job, the kids, and life is so harddddddd, ” I’d whine. Or, “I’d look fit and amazing too if I had Jennifer Aniston’s trainer, chef and stylist!”

I’ve learned that I can have ALL THE RESOURCES in the world,  but without the inner coaching, my mind will continue to create really creative excuses and keep me stuck. With the right mindset, I learned to create time for taking exceptional care of myself. And that includes fuel for the god pod.

Even with an amazing attitude about food and self care, with two teenagers eating everything in sight, a fun travel schedule and an empire to run, I am always looking for quick and delish ideas for mealtime.

A time and meal hack that has stuck with me for 8 years is one that I learned from one of my fave female entrepreneurs, healthy living addict and good friend Shannon Bartnick. (I always aim to surround myself with smart, resourceful and authentically badass women as much as possible, and Shannon is always someone I can call on for inspiration.)

About 8 years ago, Shannon and I hosted a coaching event in her home, where Shannon taught us how to take a rotisserie chicken and make 3 healthy meals out of it.

And as I type, my right hand personal assistant, Emily Rosenquist, is at the store buying me a few chickens so that create meals with it this week. It’s going to be a busy week getting ready for an Ultimate Client to come to the lake house this weekend, and then Ryan and I are leaving for Ireland on Sunday (OMG yay). Therefore, the 3-5 meals out of 1-2 whole chickens is happening!

chicken collage


1. Buy 1-2 whole rotisserie chickens or bake them yourself. I go for organic and sustainably raised chickens.

2. Make a simple meal when you bring it home of carved chicken and roast veggies.

3. Chicken Salad

4. Chicken tacos

5. Chicken soup

I’m actually going to make all 5 of these meals so that I am taking good care of myself and eating well.

Let me know if you try this and what you think!

xoxo, Susan


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