This man told me to “dial it back” LOL

Y’all know I’ve got an obsession with my yard. Waltz into my backyard, and you’ll be met with breathtaking roses, fragrant magnolias, and floral archways – the perfect setting for sipping tea in fancy-ass cups and dreaming up new things.

Last week, as I was outside enjoying my magical yard, I received a text from my mower man.

“Susan, can you dial it back? The grass is so healthy that it’s becoming too difficult for me to mow.”

Is this guy asking me to “dial back” the lusciousness of my yard?

Does he really think I will be cool with my grass… being less?

Is he suggesting that I “tone down” my lawn?

I refuse to dial back, tone down, or be less.

Y’all. I don’t even need to tell you my response. (Spoiler alert: it was “mow better.”)

The next time someone tells you:

Tone it down
Dial it back
Stay in your lane
Be humble
Don’t get too big for your britches

Tune yourself ALL THE WAY UP.

Stop hiding, shrinking, and muting your voice.

Let the world see you shine. Take up more space. Encourage the other women in your life – moms, daughters, friends, colleagues, neighbors – to shine bright and take up more space, too.

You were born to shine just like the summer sun.

Wear that show-stopping outfit—the one you have hidden in your closet because you’re afraid of what people might say. Put on that red lipstick or Euphoria-inspired glitter eye makeup.

Go to the beach, the pool, or the lake. Show off your legs, your hips, and your stomach. Screw “modest.” Give the middle finger to the headlines that say you should “hide flaws.” You are flawless.

Write that damn book. Raise your rates. Pitch yourself for that big opportunity. Get that master’s degree or PhD.

Book that trip you’ve been dreaming about. Hike that mountain. Get on that plane.

Whatever you want to do… do it fully. VIBRANTLY. No holding back.

When women shine brightly, that creates a better world for all of us.

Everything you’re postponing until later… go do it NOW.

Fill your life with pleasure, beauty, and experiences that bring you joy. Because THAT is the secret to happiness.

There’s a lot going on in our world right now, reminding us that life is a precious gift. Things change quickly. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We are fortunate enough to be alive right now, so let’s celebrate that.

We all have things we want… goals, dreams, bucket lists…

Make this the summer to take back your life, reclaim your joy, and set plans in motion again.

Lead the change. Be the change.

Your goals, dreams & wishes are worth making a scene over.

Say “hell yes” – to YOU.


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xoxo, Susan


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