This is Your God Pod


Helllooooooo…. this is your amazing god pod talking to you through that crazy Susan Hyatt’s blog.

I know you think we are at war but I am always on your side.

I want to move, even when you think it feels awkward.

I need to stretch, even when you think it doesn’t matter.

I have to rest, especially when you think you don’t have time for that.

I crave sleep, even when your mind won’t settle early enough for a full night’s rest.

I respond best to real food, even though the food companies have satan concocting fake food that you think you like.

You might not believe Susan, but take it from me, your soul needs me to tune up to communicate clearly with you. Confused about your life? Treat me better.


xoxo, Susan


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Susan breaks down the prevalence of diet culture in today's society and why it is so toxic. She provides tangible lifestyle changes that can lead to healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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