This is INSANE.


“Girls’ self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old—then takes a nose dive.”

—Robin F. Goodman, child psychologist, writing for the NYU Child Study Center website

When asked questions like…

“Are you happy?” “Are you confident?” “Do you raise your hand in class?” “Do you believe you can do anything you want to do?” “Do you think you are beautiful?”

: 75% of 9-year-old girls respond with “Yes.”

: By age 12, that number drops down to 56%.

: Age 13, 14, and 15: the numbers keep dropping. Self-esteem keeps eroding. Girls become quieter, less confident, less likely to raise their hand or share their opinions. The “shut down” process begins.

: By age 17, only 10% of girls feel happy with their bodies.

: Does it get better after high school? Not really. One study shows that self-esteem drops even more throughout college. (Boston College found that many of its female seniors graduate with lower self-esteem than when they entered as freshman.)

By the time a woman reaches age 30, 40, or 50, good Lord—how much self-esteem is left? 5%? 2% Just a few crumbs?

This is INSANE.

These statistics don’t apply to every girl or woman, of course. There are exceptions to every rule. (There’s a very sassy, outspoken exception named Emily, age 15, who lives under my roof and happens to be my daughter. #SoProud)

But generally speaking, the research is clear: females start doubting themselves (even hating themselves) and start shutting down around age 10—and the consequences are heartbreaking.

Can we be the FIRST generation of women to turn these statistics around?

Can we create a SURGE of FEMALE CONFIDENCE that is so massive, it sends diet company CEOs into a bankruptcy tailspin… it floods the highest seats of governmental power with women… it closes the wage gap once and for all… it rocks the Fortune 500 list and creates a boom in female CEOs… and changes history forever?

We can do it.

If we choose to make it so.

This type of “confidence revolution” starts on an individual level.

It starts with the conversation inside your own mind.

It starts with the words you say to yourself when you see your naked body in the bathroom mirror as you’re stepping out of the shower.

It starts with the boundaries you set. It starts with self-respect.

It starts when you stop saying “I’m sorry” for absolutely no reason.

It starts when you decide, “My goals, dreams, and desires matter just as much as anybody else’s.”

It is unacceptable to me that “girls’ self esteem peaks when they are 9 years old—then takes a nose dive.” In 2016? Seriously??

Let’s bring those percentages up to 100%.

This is the challenge of a lifetime—and we’re all in this together.

What could you do, today, to knock your self-esteem UP several percentage points? 

Blast your favorite theme song? Get a pep talk from your best friend, therapist, or coach? Attack a project and finish it? Make a list of your favorite achievements? Make a list of all the qualities that make you amazing?

Come up with something—and do it.

The “nose dive” of self-esteem erosion can stop now—if we say so.

LadyBosses of the world: 

Let’s rise.


PS. Want to see more stats on self-esteem, body image, and the percentages of women holding high-powered business positions? Check out this, this, this, this, and this.

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xoxo, Susan


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