The Ultimate [Taking applications now]

The Ultimate is the most intensive, personalized coaching service that I offer.


You work with me one-on-one for a full year.


Our goal is to create a major change in your life.


For you, this change might be doubling or tripling your income. It might be shedding ten thousand pounds of emotional baggage, along with thirty pounds of physical weight. It might be getting a literary agent and a book deal and bringing your career and public visibility to a new level. Or, some other change or breakthrough that you crave deeply.


My job is to push you, encourage you, open doors for you whenever possible (media, design, publishing, whatever contacts I can provide to help you out), remind you how strong you are, and help you clear mental obstacles.


I will work by your side. I will not let you quit, slack, hide, or fail.


You receive:


– 30 one-on-one coaching sessions. 60 minutes each. Scheduled over the course of one year. (HOLY WOW)


– 2 one-on-one “Get It Done” Retreats where you’ll step away from the busyness of daily life, focus your attention, and get important work done—with me by your side. (YASSSSS Queen)


Work on your business plan. Work on your book proposal. Work on your career transition strategy. Whatever you need to do. I give you a list of potential locations—like a beach house in Hawaii, a Parisian apartment, a loft in NYC—and you pick where you want to go. Your accommodation, meals, massages, Uber transportation, and coaching are all included.


– My personal phone number. Text anytime (during my office hours) if you need extra support, a quick peek at something you’re working on, or a pep talk and a flood of heart emojis. My lines are open to you.


– Complimentary enrollment in all of my digital programs, including Dig Deep (writing class), Clear Coaches (business and marketing training for coaches and consultants), and Bare Daily (daily inspiration to keep you physically and mentally strong).


– Complimentary enrollment in the Bare Coach Certification program, if you’re interested in adding that credential to your résumé.


Interested in The Ultimate? Apply now.


I offer this package to just one or two clients each year.


Please apply here if you’d like to be considered for one of those spots.


(You’ll see pricing and payment info on the application page.)


In your application, I want to hear about the major change that you want to make. Tell me what would feel like the ultimate victory for you in 2019.


I can’t wait to hear all about it… and help you get it!





PS. Want to ask a quick question about The Ultimate before you apply? Send a note to: support@susanhyatt.co. Thank you!


xoxo, Susan


A Never-Before-Seen, 6-Month Mastermind with Susan Hyatt 

Go BEYOND what you thought was possible in your life & business. Reach BEYOND what you believe your goals “should be” by thinking bigger & bolder. Stretch BEYOND what you’re here to do, let pleasure lead the way, and live your life in complete fucking delight!

Our mission is to help you feel confident, powerful, and mentally and physically strong so you can help others do the same.

If you want to shatter glass ceilings and make history, the BARE Coach Certification was custom-made for you.

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