The Thing That Almost Ruined High School For Me

Oh mah goshhhhhh! So embarrassing. But it had to happen and I am so glad that it did.

When I was a high school freshman, I wanted more than anything to be a cheerleader.

One major problem: I am one of the clumsiest and most uncoordinated humans you’ll ever meet. Please don’t ask me to throw and catch things, make a basket, hit a target, jump rope or dance in unison. Doubt me? I once fell into a ditch riding my road bike because I couldn’t unclip my shoes from the pedals fast enough. LOL

As I watched my friends at try-outs elegantly tumble across the gym floor and perform stunts while I awkwardly attempted to make it through the most basic of dance routines, I knew this was not my zone of genius.

It was no surprise when I wasn’t chosen to be on the squad.

While I was not athletically talented enough to be on the cheer team, I was without a doubt, loud and enthusiastic.

“A good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but by the span of her spirit.” HOLLA!

So what did I do? 

After I cried my eyes out, I started my school’s first Pep Squad. Y’all, I bought pompoms and a megaphone. I gathered up all the other perky and loud freshman and we did the damn thing for our female basketball team. #foreshadowing I began my career in hyping women up at 15 years old.

Life might not always go the way that you want it to go. Maybe your income is down or your marriage is struggling. Could be that you have forgotten that you are a walking miracle and I am here to fucking remind you of that fact.

Better yet, I’m here to teach you my super power…

How to create your own SUCCESS by becoming your own Pep Squad!

Because, HELLO?! The only way you are going to turn things around/reach that goal/get what you want is to change your OWN mind about what is possible for YOUR life.

Try out these magical turnaround phrases this week:

“As I learn, I am open to…”

As I learn from past “mistakes,” I am open to _________.

Mine: As I learn from past mistakes, I am open to new business strategies.

“Previously…, but now…”

I previously doubted myself, but today I choose ________.

Mine: I previously doubted myself, but today I choose to believe that I am on my way to scaling my company 3x what I imagined.

“Yes …, and…”

Yes, I have suffered greatly, and now I welcome _________.

Mine: Yes, I have over-suffered greatly, and now I welcome expanding my team to help me.

Now, I’m whipping out my megaphone for this final pep talk:

Your POWER is infinite, your PURPOSE is waiting and your CONTRIBUTION is needed.

You are STRONGER than yesterday. Poised for your BIG breakthrough. And I’m that friend who won’t let you get away with going home with anything less than what you came here to CLAIM.

I can’t wait to see your SUPER POWER in action!

xoxo, Susan


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