The Silver Fox and I Are a Power Couple


You might remember a couple months ago I was asking everyone I knew to vote for me and the Silver Fox in a local “Power Couple” contest.

I have no idea who did it, but we were nominated as one of the “couples that EVERYONE seems to know, love and see out and about all over the tri-state.”

And guess what?!

The Silver Fox and I won!!!!


Here’s the full blurb from the magazine we were featured in:

“Susan was an 18 year old receptionist. Scott was an ancient, decrepit 27 year old commercial real estate manager. When they met, sparks flew, passions blazed, and the office became embroiled in an instant scandal. “He’s too old for her!” some cried. “No chance it’ll work out,” others insisted.

24 years later, Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt have a message for all the haters and nay-sayers who thought they’d never last: “BOOYAH. Who’s one of the power couple of Evansville? Us. That’s who.”

Susan is a life coach who’s bold, feisty approach to “self help” has earned her an international fanbase. She’s runs a popular blog and has been featured in the pages of Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Seventeen, and O: The Oprah Magazine. Scott rocks a commercial real estate and development firm. He has never been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine but you never know: 2015 ain’t over yet!

Scott’s favorite thing about Susan is her ability to make big things happen and also her cute butt. Susan’s favorite thing about Scott is his calm, humble disposition (he was not in charge of writing this couple-description, obviously) and also his cute butt.

When they’re not winning couple-contests, Susan and Scott love boating, jogging, and hanging out with their brilliant, talented and never-perfectly-behaved teenage kids, Ryan and Emily. Susan and Scott are proud to live in this fine city and they hope that this is the first of many, many couple-contests that they win because it really embarrasses their kids and that’s always fun.

Thanks, Evansville!”

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xoxo, Susan


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