The secret to permanent weight loss is…


Are you ready for this? Buckle up:

The secret to permanent weight loss is… more pleasure, not less. 

This is a complete mindset reversal for many women. It certainly was for me.

I used to think that the secret to weight loss was counting calories, sticking to a specific meal plan, exercising until you’re pouring with sweat and trembling with exhaustion, and of course: WILLPOWER AND DISCIPLINE.

Nope. None of that works. As you probably know (all too well), when you hurl yourself into that kind of program, you’re just setting yourself up for deprivation, misery, and eventual failure. You might be able to white-knuckle your way through a few weeks of that type of punishing regime, but eventually you’re going to crumble and revert right back to your old behaviors. 


Because you are starving for pleasure. 

Pleasure is not optional. As human beings, we need pleasure just like we need oxygen. Without pleasure, we get bored, we feel under-stimulated, we become stressed and brittle, our bodies revolt, our cortisol levels skyrocket, and… you know the rest. 

It’s a hot mess. 

You don’t need more “willpower.” 

You don’t need more “discipline.” 

You need more pleasure. 

When you infuse your daily life with lots of pleasure from a wide variety of sources—not just food—everything feels different. You sleep differently. You eat differently. You move differently. Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop and your metabolism accelerates. As a cumulative result of all those positive upgrades: you lose weight.

I passionately believe that if women could get into the habit of being dedicated to our own pleasure, it would radically transform our bodies, our lives, our relationships, and basically solve 99% of our problems.

One story to illustrate this point, because it’s just too good not to share…

A client of mine—who participated in my BARE weight loss program—used to be a pleasure-starved workaholic. I’m talking 90 hours a week, chained to her desk, on-call, checking emails 24/7. Insanity. 

f6ef4aede6b0d29cfa88e0f90aba9a71I encouraged her to add a little more pleasure into her daily routine. She was resistant at first. “I don’t have time, that’s not going to happen for me, etc.” But I pressed her.  

Eventually, she agreed to start doing an evening stroll with her dog—her fluffy loveball, the center of her world. She figured that would be pleasurable.

She started walking every night. She discovered that it felt soothing and relaxing. Short walks turned into longer walks. Her body appreciated the extra movement, and her stress levels started to drop. She no longer felt the urge to stress-eat or snack mindlessly. She slept more deeply. She felt more alert and vibrant. She started setting new boundaries at work. (Side note: she got a promotion in the process!)

Week by week, the excess pounds melted away. (She’s lost 47 pounds to date.)

The grand finale: she noticed a cute guy at the dog park, found the courage to ask him on a date, and he said “Yes.” (OMG! It’s like a scene from a movie!!)

New body. New job. A date with the hottie dog park guy. 

It all started because she decided to add more pleasure into her daily routine. 

This is not an isolated incident. I watch similar transformations happen for so many of my clients, literally on a weekly basis. I am telling you, people: Pleasure changes lives.

Make pleasure a top priority. Walks, doggy cuddles, bubble baths, fun books, music, movies, time with loved ones, pedicures, beautiful workouts, massages … every day, give yourself at least ONE pleasure-infusion that makes you feel nourished and alive.

Watch how it changes your waistline, your worldview, your income, your relationships… your everything.


PS. Want to hire me for weight loss coaching? As you can probably guess, I don’t do “weight loss” like anybody else. With me, you can expect: stimulating challenges, empowering conversations, Beyoncé dance tutorials, and obviously, PLEASURE to the max. Sign up for BARE, my trademarked 6-week weight loss program, and let’s rock your body while upgrading every aspect of your life. Your new mantra: More pleasure. Not less.

xoxo, Susan


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