It’s Never the “Right Time”

Oh hey,

Do you have a dream but feel like it’s just not the “right time” to pursue it?

You’re not alone. 

Over the years, I’ve listened to thousands of clients dish out the “right time” excuse when it comes to going after something they really want. 

Listen. Life is crazy. That’s valid and real. 

But life is always going to be crazy, and there’s never going to be a magical or perfect moment where the stars align. 

You can spend the rest of your life saying “it’s not the right time” – or you can ditch that noise and create what you crave. 

Saying that it’s not the “right time” is nothing more than a mental BLOCK. 

It’s a low-quality thought that doesn’t serve you. 

It’s a cluttered calendar that feels impossible. 

It’s people in your ear telling you that your dream isn’t “realistic.”

It’s not knowing what to do, or the first step to take. 

Here’s what I want you to know:

No block is permanent. All blocks can be cleared. 

You are capable of swapping low-quality thoughts with high-quality thinking, of becoming a time creator, of building a supportive squad of people, and filling the gaps in your knowledge. 

I know you’re an unstoppable woman. 

So the next time you’re telling yourself: “It’s not the right time” – I want you to flip that script and say: 

“The “right time” doesn’t exist. So, I will pursue my dreams right NOW.” 

xoxo, Susan


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