THE party of the season. You’re invited!


Hey heyyy…

It’s Wednesday. You’ve got an empire to run. You’re busy. I know.

I’ll cut to the chase:

In less than 14 days, I’ll be in Los Angeles throwing THE party of the season—and you’re invited to be there.

It’s called Girlfriends Gone Wild.

It’s a dinner party at The Butterfly Room in Hollywood. (OMG swooon!!)

What you can expect: an evening of motivation, inspiration, and coaching to help you clarify your goals for the rest of 2016, talk through whatever’s blocking you, make a plan, and make things happen. Oh, and… exquisite cocktails, champagne, and a remember-until-forever meal, obviously.

I’ve done about a dozen Girlfriends Gone Wild dinner parties in different cities around the world, and each one is pure magic. At these gatherings, I’ve watched women have life- and income-altering epiphanies. New career plans get brainstormed and sketched out. Creative partners meet and exchange emails for the first time. Women leave feeling supported and recharged like nevah before.

Big things happen when you get 30 brave, amazing women—from all walks of life— together around a table for 1 legendary evening.

Who knows what will happen at the table on April 27th in LA? I can’t wait to find out. I know it’s going to be incredible. I mean, we’re meeting at a place called the Butterfly Room. That’s a damn good start.

Want to be there? Book your seat at the table here.

See you in LA!

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PS. Right now, if you’re feeling like, “I really want to come to this party but, but, but, [insert excuse here],” take a moment to listen to that excuse inside your mind. Honor it. Then say, “Dear brain, Thank you for sharing your hesitations and concerns. However, I really want to make this happen so I will find a way. You can shut the eff up now. Thaaaanks!”

Sometimes, you just have to bump your fears aside, be resourceful, be spontaneous, and make your own dreams come true. This might be one of those moments for you.

PPS. As if April 27th could BE any more amazing… on that same day, Dr. Martha Beck is doing a special event with Maria Shriver. You could attend that in the morning (I’ll be there too!), then head to the beach for some sunshine, and then come along to my dinner party in the evening. Uh, yeah. Pretty much sounds like the most inspiring day ever.

xoxo, Susan


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