The nicest thing Martha Beck ever said to me.

After completing my Master-level life coach training with Dr. Martha Beck — you know, Oprah’s go-to personal development expert — Martha wrote me a very nice testimonial:

Susan Hyatt is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic life coach. Her style, which is both empathetic and pragmatic, helps fuel her clients belief in themselves and their enthusiasm for making real change. Susan will help you establish clear goals and draft an empowering map to achieve them.

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s the part that Martha left out:

Susan almost quit my training program about a dozen times. She got scared. She felt major resistance. She burst into tears on several occasions. She didnt want to make herself vulnerable to criticism or failure. Despite her considerable talent and potential, she wanted to hide. Fortunately, I was a really good coach and I refused to let Susan quit on me.

Yeah. That’s the unfiltered version of the story.

Now, Martha wasn’t lying: I am a damn good coach, entrepreneur, mom, and human being.

I can say that proudly — without shame.

I’ve done the tough work — putting an end to my overeating, losing thirty-five pounds, taking my business from zero to half a million dollars and growing, dealing with my scars around sex, abuse, and my body, and creating deep intimate and meaningful relationships.

Yep. I did the work. That’s not a “brag.” It’s statement of fact.

But here’s another fact: I probably would have quit on myself, backtracked, sabotaged my efforts, missed major opportunities, and stalled my progress a hundred times over… if I hadn’t gotten the BEST possible people on my support team.

Investing in a coach who would NOT let me fail was one of the smartest moves I ever made.

And if you want to make serious progress with your personal and professional goals this year, I’d love to be that coach for you.

As of today: I am accepting applications for ONE new coaching client.

(Last time I did this, the spot filled within just a few hours. I’m not saying this to stress you out. Again: just the facts. If you’re reading this note, that means NOW is the time to apply.)

The program is called: The Ultimate. One year of high-touch, intensive coaching with me to help you reach your full potential. Your personal version of “giving 100%.”



You want to lose weight? Get your business rocking? Find love? All of the above?
Get ready to sweat because once you’ve told me what you want, I won’t let you back out. (My clients get results because I literally won’t tolerate anything else.)

With The Ultimate, you get weekly coaching sessions with me (52 sessions in total), unlimited email and text support, a private retreat at my lake house, and access to every single online program I’ve ever created. The full monty. Everything I can possibly give. It’s yours.

APPLY HERE if this level of commitment and intensity speaks to you.

It’s not for everyone. It might be for you.

Whatever you’re trying to create in your life?

It’s going to require courage, hard work, and most likely: someone to push you.

You can start today. You can procrastinate until next Monday. Or your next birthday.

But I can promise you…

One year from now? Youre going to wish you had started today.


PS. If you need to hear an EPIC song today, it’s all about THIS: “Glory” by John Legend. You’ll feel like running a double-marathon after listening to this one.

xoxo, Susan


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