The Magic of Well-Crafted Eyewear


With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60. – Jack Nicholson

I am a HUGE fan of well crafted eyewear.IMG_4687

My mom claims to have watched some kind of undercover special that exposed that most designer sunglasses are made in the same factory as cheapo ones, and they just put a name brand logo on them and mark them up considerably. She buys her sunglasses from the freaking dollar store. (I am not kidding.)

While my mom could blog about how to live luxuriously while being frugal, that is not my jam. AND, she is wrong about the sunnies (sorry mom). Perhaps SOME name brands do that, but this is why you have to buy from someplace you can trust. That place, in my town, is an awesome place called Garland Vision Boutique.

Dr. Emily Ryan helped me pick out some new sunglasses — and we also played with some eyeglass frames.

well crafted eyewear

Well crafted eyewear FEELS differently on your face than a pair of inexpensive ones, and depending on if you are wearing them just for fashion or for sport, the lenses are made to protect your eyes and reduce glare.

Check out all the different looks here. I took a survey on my FB page and 118 people voted for a different pair than I selected. (Cause I can be defiant. LOL)



I’m not quite ready for glasses yet but I can FEEL it coming. Good to know there are so many gorgeous choices out there.

Post pics on my FB of yourself in your fave sunnies or frames!

xoxo, Susan


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