The Dream Boat



A training seminar—on the high seas—for coaches, consultants, business owners, and other gutsy women.

Step onto the boat with a concept for a workshop, retreat, performance, or conference that you would love to produce: your dream event.

Step off the boat with a fully realized curriculum, budget, marketing plan, and public speaking preparation so that you can own the room—or the stage—with confidence.

October 25 to November 3, 2016. Sailing from NYC to England. 12 spaces available. Hold your spot on the ship with a deposit of $997.

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What is your DREAM EVENT?

Maybe you want to lead a luxurious yoga retreat on the island of Maui.

Maybe you want to tour across the country leading seminars that blend life coaching and improv comedy.

Maybe you want to create a conference especially for moms and daughters where they’ll learn self-defense and become ninja bad-asses.

Or maybe it’s something completely different.

You’ve got the vision. You can see it unfolding in your mind. You definitely want to make this event a reality. You know this event could change people’s lives.

But… a few important pieces are missing. You need a clear plan. You need a budget. You need a venue. You need help with marketing. You need a top-notch assistant. You need public speaking training to help you get over those nerves and jitters.

Long story short: You know you can’t do this alone. You need support and motivation. To pull off your dream event? You need a village.

If that’s your situation right now…

Then you are invited to RSVP for: THE DREAM BOAT.

Create a fully realized plan for your event, down to the very last detail and dollar sign, while sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with expert teachers & a dozen inspiring women.

We set sail on October 25, 2016 for the voyage of a lifetime…


. . .


THE DREAM BOAT is a training seminar—on the high seas—where you will plan your dream workshop, retreat, or conference, down to the last detail, while sailing on a luxury cruise ship from New York City to Southampton, England.

Think: event planning + business coaching + public speaking training on a LUXURY CRUISE SHIP.

Your training is led by Susan Hyatt, a master certified life coach and expert speaker with ten years of event-planning experience.

From intimate farm-to-table dinner parties, to luxurious coaching seminars, to retreats in Italy, France, and Thailand, and beyond, Susan has taken dozens of events from “ooh, what a cool idea” to “omg, it’s actually happening.” She’s thrilled to share her expertise on successful event planning, sales, and marketing with you.

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October 25, 2016. Pop the champagne! Time to board the ship! We depart from a harbor in New York City. The voyage begins…

October 25 – November 1, 2016. Bon voyage! We sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary 2, a Cunard cruise ship. Each day of the cruise, you’ll have event planning workshops along with ample free time to enjoy the ship’s many amenities.

November 1, 2016. We arrive in Southampton, a port city on the south coast of England. Cheerio! You’ll spend the night at a luxurious hotel in London. Rest up, because there’s one final epic experience tomorrow…

November 2, 2016. For our final day together, we’ll enjoy a private Downton Abbeytour to visit filming locations and get a backstage peek into the making of the show! Channel your inner Lady Grantham on this guided tour of Highclere Castle and the surrounding gardens. (Squealing with excitement: totally understandable.)

After the Downton Abbey tour, you’ll be whisked back to London to pick up your bags at the hotel. You can head straight to the airport (complimentary shuttle included) to catch your flight back home—or stay and explore London for a few more days on your own! (We’re happy to help out with travel tips and recommendations.)



Your payment for THE DREAM BOAT includes:

– TRANSATLANTIC CRUISE. Seven nights on a luxury cruise ship: the Queen Mary 2. You get accommodation in a private bedroom with a private bathroom. Meals, entertainment, and activities aboard the ship: everything is included.

– WORKSHOPS. Each day of the cruise, you’ll attend workshops with Susan Hyatt—a master certified life coach, expert speaker and event planner—to help you come up with a crystal clear concept for your “dream event” down to the very last detail, including your budget, marketing plan, venue, multi-media needs, and curriculum.

You will step off the boat with a fully-formed plan for your event—ready to execute!

– WRITING COACHING. Not sure how to describe your event on your website? Worried that your keynote presentation sounds boring—or rambling and unfocused? You’ll have a private afternoon tea date with Alexandra Franzen, an expert writer who specializes in describing events, seminars, and transformational experiences, as well as writing speeches and motivational talks. She’ll look over your drafts, make tweaks, and help you come up with amazing language that you’ll feel proud to share. Word-stress: farewell!

– PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING. Join our special guest expert—a former opera singer who later raised millions to build a state-of-the-art theater in Los Angeles, wooed A-list actors like Dustin Hoffman and Neil Patrick Harris to become part of her project, and directed her company for 17 years—even though everyone told her she was “crazy” and “wasn’t the right person for the job.” She proved everyone wrong. If anyone can teach you how to ooze confidence and charisma while you’re speaking in front of a crowd, find your voice, find your message—and totally OWN the room—it’s this woman.

– A NIGHT IN LONDON. After the cruise ship arrives in Southampton, we’ll put you up for one night at a luxury hotel in London. Private room and bathroom, of course.

– DOWNTON ABBEY TOUR. Grab your hunting dogs and monocles! We’re doing a private tour of Downton Abbey filming locations, along with backstage secrets about the cast, writers, and show.

– HAND-HOLDING & SUPPORT. After the cruise, once you’re back home, you’ll receive five hours of administrative support—at no extra charge—from your very own personal assistant, Ashley Wilhite. Need help finding a great caterer? Panicking because your online shopping cart is acting up, right when you need to start selling tickets? Ashley will calmly hold your hand, resolve techie drama, troubleshoot, do research, and help you pull off your event without any snags.

Total investment for everything listed: $9499.

Our goal: to help you create a plan for your dream event that’s so rock-solid, you’ll be able to sell every ticket and earn back your training investment—and then some.

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The Queen Mary 2 is a legendary cruise ship that features…

  • The largest library at sea

  • The largest ball room at sea

  • A planetarium for star gazing

  • A luxury 3D cinema

  • A gym, sun deck, yoga, Pilates, and spinning classes

  • A Canyon Ranch spa facility with treatment rooms, saunas and a pool

  • Live music and theater performances every night

  • Fascinating talks and lectures delivered by former ambassadors and politicians, historians and scientists

  • Sumptuous rooms featuring ocean views, daily maid service and 24-hour room service

Whether you want a soothing, spa-like experience—or dancing, music, and gallivanting every night—you can create whatever kind of voyage you want.

There’s something for everyone on this ship!

Learn more about the Queen Mary 2 and the Cunard cruise line here.

. . .


October 25 to November 3, 2016. New York City to England.

12 spaces available for this remember-forever voyage across the Atlantic.

Hold your spot on the ship with a deposit of $997.

Make the rest of your payments in 3 or 6 installments—your choice.

Please take a moment to review our cancellation policy before you make your deposit.

My refund policy:

… is very simple.

All of your retreat payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

Why? Because I know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh, no, I don’t reeeeally need to go” or “Ugh, life is just so busy! Oops! Changed my mind!”

I’m putting my foot down and saying, “Nope. None of that.”

When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out.

Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no.

Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just because you decided not to show up,
or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice.

This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.

Respect your time. Respect mine. Say “yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Refund policy = complete.

Word to your momma.

Any questions before you commit? Email Ashley@susanhyatt.co for a speedy, caring response. Prefer to talk on the phone? Mention that in your email and we’ll set up a date to chat.

After making your deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email within minutes, along with an invitation to schedule a 1-on-1 phone conversation with Susan: your chance to describe your dream event to Susan, get some pre-trip coaching and prep work, and get fully prepared for this experience.

See you aboard THE DREAM BOAT!

P.S. If you still have a few Q’s about The Dream Boat, I’m hosting a free Q&A call on Monday, 2/15, at 12 noon CT. Click here to sign up for all the info!

xoxo, Susan


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