The After-Burn

Two weeks ago, I shared a Sunday Sermon titled: STAND UP. (Go back and read it here if you missed it.)

It’s a true story about a friend of mine who got tired of waiting for a big corporation to pay her…and finally stood up for herself. Demanding payment. Now. 

I posed the question: 

What’s one area of your career, business, financial world, or personal life where you need to STAND UP for yourself?

This question triggered a wave of strong reactions from the women in our community. All week long, my team and I have gotten messages from women (and girls) about how they’ve decided to STAND UP.

“I told my husband he needs to handle dinner three nights a week: shopping, cooking, clean up, all of it. This one decision has freed up 6 extra hours per week – time I can use for self-care or focusing on my career.”

“I’ve been thinking about raising my hourly rate for two years. Finally did it. Ripped off the Band-Aid and it feels so right.”

“I contacted a lawyer to find out if I’m legally within my rights to take my ex to court and get back the $ I’m owed. Scary, yes, but it feels good to take that first small step.”

Look at those women – STANDING UP. 

They did it. You can, too.

Standing up is contagious. 

When you stand up for yourself, other women and girls see you, and they feel emboldened to stand up too.

How will you STAND UP for yourself today?


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xoxo, Susan


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