That one time my mentor drew a filthy picture & ruined my life …

Have you ever completely, totally bombed? Like, sobbing-on-the-toilet-seat, my-life-is-over failure?

I have.

And it all started when a trouble-makin’ minx named Martha Beck drew a picture of male genitalia and ruined my life.

Let me explain:

I was delivering my “graduation presentation” to a room full of master-certified coaches. It was my chance to shine — to show the sisters what I was capable of, and (fingers crossed!) maybe even lock down a sweet position on Martha’s training team.

I’d prepared a presentation designed for children, so I asked the ladies in the room to “pretend to be kids.” Let’s just say … they took the assignment a little too seriously. Before long, crayons were flying, women were howling, and Ms. Beck was artfully crafting a series of X-rated sketches.

The ladies were just trying to test me — to see how I’d react, if a room full of children went wild.You're gonna make it after all

My reaction? I froze. I panicked. I lost my mojo. All my careful preparation? Out the window.

I delivered the most agonizingly awkward, fearful, un-inspiring presentation of my LIFE. (Truly: it was so bad, people are still talking about it, years later.)

And when it was over, I locked myself in a bathroom stall and bawled my eyes out. I’d always been such a stellar student and a consummate professional. I’d never really, truly FAILED before. I didn’t like how it felt. Not one bit.

I picked up the phone and dialed my husband. I told him I wanted to leave this crummy hotel & this stupid workshop and come straight home.

And then, a wise voice — my higher self, God, Santa Claus, Yoda, who knows? — came into my head and reminded me of something important. It said:

“Be willing to suck at stuff. It’s the only way you’ll grow and change."

I am happy to report that I’ve been willingly, happily sucking at stuff ever since.

And life has never felt more delicious. 😉

So today, my challenge for you is simple:


Big time.

Don’t be a perfect student. Be a brave, messy student.

Give yourself the full benefits of failure.

And if you’d like to practice sucking in a safe, friendly space — where failure gets transformed into success, at warp speed — I’ve got just the place. Or, a live retreat.

Yours in Suckdom,



xoxo, Susan


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