Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Cravings

You ever sit back and think, “Damn, I wish I knew what my clients wanted? What could I offer them that would serve them and they would absolutely buy, right now?” 

Often, my clients come to me, spiraling down this rabbit hole. I mean, wouldn’t business be a lot easier if we all had the superpower to read minds? 

It got me thinking about how certain businesses over the years seemed like they could read minds. But nope, they didn’t have a crystal ball or psychic powers. They were just really good at tuning into the desires of the times. They read the room, captured the vibe of the era, and then – voilà! – they delivered exactly what people were craving, right on cue.

It’s honestly like that one friend who knows exactly when to send you flowers (or that hilarious reel) on a bad day, but on a grand historical scale!

Here are some examples:

Hollywood and The Great Depression

During the Great Depression, a period of economic struggle and personal hardships, the overarching craving was clear: escape. An escape from the endless stress and the looming uncertainties. While bread lines formed on streets and many businesses shuttered their doors, Hollywood was booming. People, despite their limited funds, were flocking to movie theaters to lose themselves in the world of fantasy, romance, and thrilling adventures.

In this challenging period, cinematic masterpieces like 42nd Street, The Wizard of Oz, and Gone With the Wind graced the silver screen. These weren’t just films. They were answers to society’s burning desire for escape and distraction from the dismal world outside. They offered a few hours of magic, and the audience ate it up.

The Post-War Suburban Boom 

Jump ahead to the years following World War II. Soldiers were returning home, and families were reuniting. There was a collective sigh of relief and an intense craving for stability and normalcy. The answer? The rise of suburban neighborhoods. Picturesque houses with white picket fences became the dream. Businesses caught on, and suddenly, there was a boom in everything from home appliances to family cars. The world wanted a simple, happy life, and businesses made sure they got it.

The Digital Age and the Need for Connection 

Fast forward to our era. We’re more connected than ever, thanks to technology. But here’s the twist: There’s this underlying hunger for genuine, human, face-to-face connection. We’re pulling away from our screens, flocking to experiences, to moments that make us feel alive.

Live events are booming, audiences clamoring for tickets to Taylor Swift and Beyonce, where thousands gather, swaying to the music, feeling as one. It’s not just about the music – it’s about shared experiences and collective heartbeats. Because at the end of the day, no app can replicate the thrill of singing along with your favorite artist and a crowd of fellow fans. It’s clear as day: we’re on the hunt for genuine interaction in an increasingly digital world.

These are massive societal shifts, but the point is universal and timeless. 

When you want to know what your clients are craving, it’s about listening, understanding, and then delivering.

What are your clients hungry for? What feels like a distant dream to them? The trick isn’t just in asking these questions but in truly listening to the answers.

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After all, nothing’s more rewarding than being the answer to someone’s wish! 

See you there?

xoxo, Susan


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