Step into the deep end, hon. (The water’s fine!)

When somebody says, “You’ve really gone off the deep end…”
Honey? That’s a compliment.
The shallow end is no fun.
The deep end is where it’s at.
You know you’re living in the deep end when you …
Love without reservation. Your walls are down. Your armor is off. You are ALL IN. You love like you’ve got 100 days to live.
Give without expectation. You don’t need “payback” for every single act of kindness. You give because it feels right.
Get your freak on. You show the world who you are — from your shoes to your words to the career that you choose. Hiding is not on the menu.
Feel like a bombshell. You know that happiness is sexy, at any size. You know how to work what you’ve got, whether you’re at your ideal weight, or not.
Create your own roadmap. You know what you want and how to get it. You stopped living to please other people a long-ass time ago. Your life is your own.
Laugh at the haters. And oh, there will be haters. When people try to shut you down, you know that’s a very good sign. It means you’re so deliciously happy + authentic, it’s startling.
Change lives, without even trying. You show other people what’s possible. You model what real happiness looks like. You show ‘em that it’s OK to be brave, to express what you feel, and to create the exact life that you crave.
Because of you, other people find the courage to swim over to the deep end, too.
Welcome to the deep end.
It’s damn good to have you.

PS. Want to splash around in the deep end … with me?
Join me for Off The Deep End: a day of bravery, honesty and freak-flaggery for people who are done with the shallow end of life.
This online event is totally FREE and is open to all ages, genders and swimming levels.
For a day of “personal development” that you’ll nevah forget, dial into the following hotline on August 8 at 9am CT …
Call-in #: (559) 726-1300
Access Code: 412985
… and get ready to play.
That’s all I’m saying, for now.
I’ll send out another lil’ reminder, in a couple of days. 🙂

The Deep End Manifesto

(Click for Full Sized Manifesto)

xoxo, Susan


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