Some People Have All the Luck


Sometimes it feels like the universe tilts the odds in everyone else’s favor. Meanwhile, you’re left on the sidelines. 

The truth is, those “lucky” folks have figured out something many haven’t. They know that “getting lucky” means they’re pushing boundaries and going beyond the status quo.

Luck isn’t about standing at the crossroads, hoping for the universe to deliver a sign. It’s the act of picking a road, even if it’s uncharted, and saying, “Let’s see where this takes me.” It’s about believing that there’s always a path that goes beyond the usual, beyond the norm, beyond the expected, and having the courage to take it.

And here’s the best part: this “going beyond” approach? It’s not just for the chosen few. Anyone can do it. It’s about believing that no matter what’s happened in your past, the future can be different – brighter, bolder, better. My philosophy has always been simple: “If you can crave it, you can create it.”

It reminds me of that one time I was desperate to snag concert tickets. Instead of hoping I’d be “lucky enough” to score the tickets, I planned. I believed. I didn’t pay attention to how “unlucky” other fans had been. I set up multiple alarms, joined fan groups for presale codes, and even roped in a friend to try on a different device. And guess what? We got those seats!

Now, I’m not saying it’s always easy. But when you pair what you want with a clear vision and sprinkle in that “beyond” mindset, you’re actively shaping your future. Instead of hoping for luck to come knocking, you’re setting the stage, lighting up the runway, and rolling out the red carpet for it. 

Think about your favorite bestselling author or artist for a second. Do you think they would’ve reached that level of “luck” if they hadn’t dared to go beyond? The answer is no. They imagined a world where their art mattered, where they would become a bestseller, and worked toward it.

The “beyond” mindset is about stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a tiny step, knowing that every bit counts. Every time you choose to act, to think a little bigger, and to push your boundaries, you’re creating your own luck. 

So the next time you see someone “getting lucky,” know that behind that success is a series of deliberate choices to go BEYOND. 

It’s your turn now. 

Ask yourself: “Am I waiting around for something, or am I thinking beyond the status quo and making moves to create my own luck?” 

Because, in the end, luck is about believing that you deserve to, and can, go beyond. 



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xoxo, Susan


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