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I travelled with only a carryon bag to Europe for 4 weeks + 1 day. I watched videos and was SO efficient.

Until I hit up Florence and Capri.

Are you kidding me?

I spent more money (Missoni, anyone?) supplementing my wardrobe by trying to be cool with a small bag that vowed NEVER to make that mistake again. Plus, a girl needs her hair products.

So, I brought in Jodi Merrick from House of Bluez to help me go through my closet, discuss all of the fun excursions I have planned for my retreaters in Ireland, and thoughtfully shop my closet and plan accordingly.

OH. MAH. GOSH! What an amazing help. I didn’t have to buy one single thing extra for the trip, because Jodi helped pair everything with ease.

Jodi had me do a little bit of advance consideration. These are great questions to ask while packing:

1. Work from the bottom up….which shoes are a MUST? Wellllll….this got a little dicey as I love shoes. But we did narrow it down to athletic shoes, flip flops, comfortable “go to” shoes and some dressy shoes for GNO.

2. What activities are happening? I have a full range of everything from exercise such as yoga, hiking and kayaking, to touring the countryside, to elaborate dinners at the manor.

3. Consider the weather. In Ireland, even though August is prime time, we are looking at a high of around 70 to 75 and lows in the evening around 55. It’s slightly rainy.

4. Don’t skip comfort or your faves. Jodi had me lay out my favorite things so that she could be sure to use those in her styling suggestions.

And, in just under two hours, we did it!

pack collage

You’ll see here an assortment of evening looks, day dresses, and casual jeans and sandals with shoes and accessories to mix it up.

pack collage 2 pack collage 3 pack collage 4

My checked suitcase made it and I’m busy right now unpacking, eating room service, and watching Ryan do some AP Psychology on his laptop.

Countdown til the retreaters arrive on Saturday!

xoxo, Susan


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