She Lost the Job

Recently, a young woman messaged me about a job she wanted. 

The competition was fierce for this position, and the interview process was grueling, but she was smart, degreed, qualified, and an excellent candidate.

She made the cut, round after round until the final one came—a Zoom interview with a panel of interviewers. The pressure was on and her nerves were at an all-time high—and not because she wasn’t confident in her abilities. 

It was because she couldn’t tolerate how she looked on camera. 

When her turn came, she faked a Wifi issue and left her camera off. She could feel the disappointed energy from the panel as they carried on the interview, staring at a blank box with her name on it. 

The result?

She didn’t get the job. 

I wish I could say this woman’s story is unique. But it’s not. 

This is just one heartbreaking example of thousands that I hear every year. When I say that diet culture is robbing us, I mean that literally.

This used to be my story, too—dodging away from cameras, turning down invitations, and avoiding opportunities because of my own body shame. 

But when we hide, so much is lost. 

Speeches never get delivered. Messages never get shared. Products never get launched. Coaches never get hired. Books never get written. Films never get made. Incredible, qualified candidates get overlooked. 

Studies show that 97% of women intensely dislike their bodies, hiding because they feel ashamed to be seen. 

And “being seen” can mean a number of different things. 

It might be hiding your physical body by ducking out of photos, turning off your camera, and saying “no” to visibility opportunities like speaking or attending events. 

It might mean hiding the dreams you have, like starting a business, growing a business, getting a book deal, traveling the world, or something else you crave. 

It could mean hiding your opinions and not speaking out because you don’t want to ruffle feathers or rock the boat. 

It may mean hiding your talents because you’re afraid of criticism or rejection. 

There are so many different versions of hiding that keep us contained, stuck, exhausted, broke, and stripped of our joy. 

We’ve got come out of hiding. 

For ourselves and other women and girls. 

I promise you, once you do this, more of everything you want will flow your way. 

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I can’t wait to help you come out of hiding.

xoxo, Susan


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